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Girlfriend Angela

Yesterday in the Kremlin the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has met German chancellor Angela Merkel. On supervision of special correspondent ANDREY - KOLESNIKOV, madam Merkel in what has not disappointed mister Putin, and its favourite invention - Severo - the European gas pipeline - declared the strategic project for Germany.
Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin`s negotiations proceeded long though their participants periodically saved time for translators retiring to Vladimir Putin`s study again coming back to people.

as a result of negotiations madam Merkel, mister Putin tired did not look. The president of Russia has expressed hope that the theme of power safety which has undergone to careful discussion at negotiations, will be actual on G8. If to Russian - the Ukrainian gas crisis in it still there were any doubts, now all in the world obviously: yes, of course, will be.

the President of Russia has told that in April, 2006 in Tomsk are planned Russian - the German consultations. These consultations have been thought up by misters Putin and Schroder and regularly passed some last years that in Russia, in Germany. Madam Merkel not only has declared in the answer that it will arrive to Tomsk, but also itself has invited mister Putin to the International aerospace salon in Berlin. Moreover, she has told that the civil-engineering design of Severo - the European gas pipeline it is not directed against anybody and simply is for Germany the strategic project .

there Was such impression that madam Merkel herself aspires to underline very much continuity of a policy of Gerhard Schroder though, as they say, anybody for language - that and did not pull it. It seemed, Angela Merkel runs ahead of own steam locomotive. She even has declared that the partnership of Russia and Germany should be much more intensive, than earlier. For completeness of the sensations connected with this partnership, it does not have not enough only participation in the Russian economy of the German small enterprises.

- we have, of course, discussed themes, - madam Merkel has said, - where not at once arise common opinions, for example the Chechen Republic and the North Caucasus. I will offer, that the European programs which at us are already prepared there worked. I have told to Vladimir Putin about it openly and in details.

it was difficult to understand in accuracy, which programs were meant by Angela Merkel. But it is obvious that it was a question not of programs of the humanitarian help. Otherwise it would not need a civic courage to speak about them to mister Putin openly and in details. Obviously, madam Merkel meant more likely the program of protection of human rights. And all - taki has developed sensation that these words were a tribute to those who considers that the position of the new chancellor concerning Russia should though as - that to differ from a position of the former.

- and we have in detail discussed a theme of Iran, - she has added. - we have agreed more closely to co-ordinate our steps. It was the good and important meeting. It will be followed by numerous others.

German journalist Thomas Rot who worked in a pool of mister Schroder, has asked, whether spoke the chancellor with mister Putin about the law on the noncommercial organisations. The mister of Companies has explained that the law is not signed yet and is, under its data, at the president of Russia. Obviously, German journalist hinted that madam Merkel still has a possibility to affect the maintenance of this document. The journalist has added that this law is considered by the public critically . Most likely, he meant the public united in the noncommercial organisations.

Besides, the mister of Companies has taken an interest, mister Putin is ready to reach what point of succession of events in Iran to start to put upon it pressure.

Angela Merkel has confirmed that discussed with the president of Russia the law about NKO.
- I said that we had many irritations about it. We will observe of that NKO and henceforth had possibility to do the work.

the German chancellor, thus, has let know that considers law signing about NKO as business solved. And again it looked much more reserved, than all expected to this meeting. (However, it has shown a certain shyness to a meeting with mister Putin, standing in the doorway of a representation office of the first case of the Kremlin. It has approached to them and wanted to leave already to the office centre to greet mister Putin, but has suddenly seen that from its party of a door in general are still closed. Her there and then began photograph quickly with active application of flashlights - and madam Merkel similar during this moment on suddenly woken owl, has hastened to hide behind one of shutters of doors.)

However, and now madam Merkel has made a reservation: the definitive opinion concerning NKO at it will develop after reception in German embassy (there last night have been invited including representatives of the Russian political opposition).

Mister Putin before to express about Iran, could not keep silent concerning NKO (obviously, well imagining all details and details of forthcoming reception in embassy).

- Me it is very pleasant, - he has declared, - that our internal legislation uses such attention of our western partners.

it was by the form difficult to believe, to tell the truth, that to it it and really is pleasant. Mister Putin has told that after to it the bill about NKO has come, he has sent delegation of the Russian government to Strasbourg. As a result of a trip the group of the European experts which have made the list of claims to the project has been generated. All these claims, according to the president of Russia, have been considered by the State Duma on closer examination. Mister Putin tells this history not for the first time, and every time of memoirs on it give to the president of Russia obvious pleasure.

that you will not tell about German journalists. They listened to explanations of mister Putin, appear, with the big suspicion. At Gerhard Schroder they looked much more pacified.

- as to Iran, - mister Putin has continued. - we spoke about it much. At us, Russia and the Federal Republic, very close positions on these problems. One of the main problems is uranium enrichment. We have suggested to create joint ventures on uranium enrichment in territory of Russia, and now we hear the different points of view of the Iranian partners about it. One of them has come to us from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Iranian partners have told that do not exclude such possibility. Anyway, in this direction it is necessary to work accurately, without supposing sharp steps.

news in this message was not that mister Putin suggested Iranians to create the joint venture (about this idea wrote several months ago). News was that mister Putin has left an opening for the Iranian diplomacy, having let know that this idea still it is possible (and not a sin) to use.

known Russian radio journalist Valery Sanfirov has asked mister Putin about Severo - the European gas pipeline and the question of maintenance of power safety connected with it.

- that - that? - The Russian president has puzzly asked again.
- power safety, - not so mister Sanfirov has confidently repeated.
- And - and! - mister Putin has caught, and the fleeting satisfaction of was reflected in the person of mister Sanfirova that its mutual understanding with the president of Russia again does not leave much to be desired.

the question on building of Severo - the European gas pipeline was answered with Angela Merkel. It in the second time for one press - conference has protected under construction gas pipeline, having told, as it is important, that the Baltic States, Poland and all other Europe have understood: the project is not directed against anybody .

- In connection with Severo - the European gas pipeline we spoke about the mechanism of formation of the price, - it has explained.

far, as they say, have come.
after that mister Putin needed to tell that to it on Severo - to the European gas pipeline it nothing to add . However, he has there and then added:

- Certainly, many our partners if has not frightened, has caused many questions, especially at household level (it would be interesting to look at partners of mister Putin at household level. - And. K ), a problem of relations with Ukraine. Our error consisted that we insufficiently in detail from the very beginning explained a problem essence (these details New Year`s holidays to compatriots of mister Putin have been spoilt, and now he hinted that could, if in time has thought of it, to spoil to their inhabitants of old and new Europe. - And. K ).

- And if people have understood sense of the arrangement, they would sigh with simplification, - mister Putin has finished, - for the Ukrainian management has accepted is unique correct and a critical decision.

one shot he tried to kill two hares: all - taki to calm Europeans and to reconcile with inevitable the Ukrainian opposition. Everything that he spoke further, could not promote it in any way. Mister Putin has told, how it was possible to tear off at last arrangements on deliveries of gas from Russia to Ukraine from the price for transit of the Russian gas to Europe. The formula of this price, as he said, will depend, in particular, on the prices in the metallurgical and chemical industry.

when German journalists had an opportunity to ask the second question, they have again asked about NKO and Iran. Madam Merkel is, seemingly, tired to answer the same questions and got off already indecently with general phrases while mister Putin, alas, only entered, apparently, into taste. He has told about difficult destiny of democracy in the world and in Russia (without separating one democracy from another, and, on the contrary, confidently placing one in another).

- We are the greatest supporters of development of democracy in Russia, - he without hesitation admitted. - our country is in a transition period and if to look at it with mind, with skill, you will see that progress is obvious!

Meanwhile if to look at these processes without mind, and from the point of view of common sense and formal signs on which presence or absence of democracy in separately taken country is defined, I am afraid, this progress at all so is obvious.

- but still all - taki is a lot of questions, - mister Putin has concluded.
however, this recognition concerned, as was found out, not to Russia.
- it is far not in all countries which we conditionally name western, everything is all right with democracy, - it has continued, - and human rights. And my colleague too publicly has paid attention to some problems, we have noticed it.

it was a question of secret prisons of CIA in Europe about which madam Merkel the day before, really, uttered to US president George Bush (risking itself in the near future to become svjatee the Pope).

Angela Merkel has confirmed that in conversation with mister Bush really brought up this question And it has not led to that our estimations of this situation do not disperse now .

- the Most correct - openly to tell about it. I judge on our practice, - mister Putin has ingenuously told. - with them (captured in secret prisons. - And. K ) work, work, and then ask: Well also what you will do further? and they speak: I Will return and again I will take up arms .

Vladimir Putin, obviously, meant words of the Chechen terrorists which answer all care of them to special services with a base ingratitude and do not wish to follow a correction way.

it was, perhaps, most valuable recognition of the president of Russia for all this significant a press - conference.