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The Irkutsk authorities refuse gasification

Irkutsk governor Alexander Tishanin refuses participation of region in the project of its gasification. Yesterday he has declared that dopemissija East - the Siberian gas company (VSGK) will not be paid actions Verhnechonskneftegaza (VCHNG), money. Instead mister Tishanin intends to sell 11,29 % of actions VCHNG (they are already brought in authorised capital stock VSGK, and it is necessary to return them through court) Rosneft for $76 million this sum seems to Experts overestimated at least twice. However the governor has already suggested deputies to grant this sum of a profitable part of the budget of area for 2006.
yesterday at session of Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region Alexander Tishanin has declared that the region will not pay additional share issue VSGK. As he said, earlier given for payment dopemissii the regional authorities intend to return to this company of 11,29 % of actions VCHNG through court. The governor has declared that considers economically inexpedient transfer of 11,29 % of actions VCHNG in VSGK. On termination of the transaction we will receive only a share in the gas operator, but not in the company with real actives - the governor has declared and has added that the region will not pay issue VSGK and budgetary funds. As he said, earlier spent estimation of share holding VCHNG (170 million rbl.) It is obviously underestimated. proceeding from stocks of the Verhnechonsky deposit and the price for barrel of oil of 11,29 % of actions VCHNG stand about $76 million - Alexander Tishanin has specified. As he said, the administration carries on negotiations with Rosneft about sale to it of actions VCHNG, their results will be known in a month. In Rosneft on this information do not make comments.

VCHNG owns the licence for investigation and working out Verhnechonsky neftegazokondensatnogo deposits in the north of the Irkutsk region, taken which stocks make 201,6 million t oil, 95,5 mlrd cubic metre of gas and 3,3 million t a gas condensate. The multinational corporation - VR belongs 62,71 % of actions VCHNG, to holding Interros - 25,94 %, to committee on management of the state property of the Irkutsk region, and then VSGK - 11,29 %. One of these days Rosneft declared that has agreed with Interros about purchase of its actions VCHNG. VSGK it is created in March, 2004 for realisation of the project of gasification of the Irkutsk region on the basis of Kovyktinsky gazokondensatnogo deposits.

according to the governor, VSGK which the Irkutsk region and the multinational corporation - VR own on an equal footing, solves gas problems only at local level. region gasification cannot be considered in a separation from country gasification as a whole - Alexander Tishanin has declared. He has informed that has carried on negotiations with Gazprom which has presented the scheme of gasification of the Irkutsk region. It, according to mister Tishanina, is completely integrated into the scheme of gasification of Russia.

in the multinational corporation - VR underline that the project of gasification of region - one of conditions of the licence for development Kovyktinsky neftegazokondensatnogo deposits. Therefore, according to the representative of the multinational corporation - VR Vladimir Bobyleva, the multinational corporation - VR and in the future will invest in the regional project of gasification (the total sum of investments makes about $1 mlrd). for VSGK we developed All plans together in regional administration. Already there are schemes of gasification of 78 settlements of Angarski Krai, the largest consumers kovyktinskogo gas are defined. We cannot simply throw all it - he has declared.

if the Irkutsk authorities will manage to prove in court that the estimation of 11,29 % of actions VCHNG at their entering into authorised capital stock VSGK has been underestimated, and to return actions in the property, the multinational corporation - VR will receive almost complete control over VSGK. If actions dopemissii, not redeemed by administration, are extinguished as exchequer, the Irkutsk region will have 7,5 % of actions VSGK. If a share of the Irkutsk region in dopemissii will redeem the multinational corporation - VR, the administration package will be reduced to 4 %.

At the same time to the governor hardly it will be possible to agree with Rosneft about sale of package VCHNG belonging to area. By data, Interros has sold Rosneft block package VCHNG for $80 million Proceeding from it, an administration package should cost no more than $34,8 million, that is at least twice below the price on which mister Tishanin counts. Besides, having bought from administration its package VCHNG, Rosneft will not receive control over the enterprise, therefore sense to buy it at the same price, as at Interros experts do not see. Nevertheless the governor has suggested deputies to bring $76 million in a profitable part of the budget of the Irkutsk region the next year - its deficiency makes an order 14 mlrd rbl.

, Irkutsk