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Importers of alcohol have sent behind marks

As it became known, on Tuesday evening at meeting at vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov the decision to withdraw from the budget project for 2006 the amendment about a delay of marks of import alcoholic drinks in territory of Russia was accepted. Thus, since January, 1st importers should mark production imported by them in so-called warehouses of time storage. Importers consider that since new year import of alcohol which this year can exceed $1,5 mlrd, will be almost stopped.
in the meeting devoted to discussion of the project of the budget for 2006 (it has already taken place the second reading in the State Duma), representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development and trade and governmental body have taken part. Conducted action vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov. From official comments a press - services of all departments, and also a press - the secretary of mister Zhukov have refused. However, as one of participants of meeting has told, during document discussion has been decided to withdraw from the project of the budget article which postpones for one year introduction of marks of import alcohol exclusively on territories of Russia. We will remind that earlier for withdrawal of this amendment from the law About the budget the fraction " has acted; an United Russia .

As already wrote (number from July, 14th), according to the law " see; On state regulation of manufacture and a turn of ethyl spirit and alcoholic production accepted three months ago, all import alcohol which is now marked by excise marks in points of production, since January, 2006 will be marked in Russia in warehouses of time storage (SVH). Right after acceptances of the document importers have declared that this norm simply will stop import: now in Russia is only 22 SVH which cannot provide requirement of importers.

According to Federal customs service, for January - September, 2005 into Russia it has been imported 112 million in l of strong alcoholic drinks for a $473,6 million total sum, 407 million in l of wine ($404,5 million) and 13,2 million in l of fortified wines and Vermouths (for a $49,5 million total sum). By expert estimations, in 2005 the total amount of import of alcoholic production to Russia can make $1,5 - 1,7 billion

Besides, is not present till now new marks with which importers should paste over the production. about new year remains only two months. Therefore without dependence how the situation will develop further, it is obvious that crisis is inevitable, - the head of company Nemiroff Jacob Gribov considers. - now importers cannot already receive excise marks in enough . Amendment preservation was our last chance, - the chief executive of committee of manufacturers of alcoholic production of Association of the European business in Russia Alexander Romanov speaks, - now all import of alcohol since new year will simply fail .

However, in the government nevertheless have attended to problems of importers. On vtornichnom meeting mister Zhukov has offered the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development and trade to develop projects of amendments to the law On state regulation allowing importers independently to choose where to mark the production. Formally to approve this amendment simply enough. to accept it in three readings it is possible for a day - mister Gribov considers. However other experts do not divide its confidence. we are very glad that the government understands our problems, - mister Romanov speaks, - but acceptance of the given amendments can be stretched on half a year .