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News Outdoor Group has bought president Starcom

As it became known yesterday, the president of one of the largest Russian advertising holdings Starcom MediaVest Group Dmitry Bartenev passes in News Outdoor Group. Its primary goal on a new place of work - a conclusion of group to the international markets. As priority directions for expansion management News Outdoor names India, Brazil and China.
Dmitry Bartenev will start to work in News Outdoor Group (NOG) with January, 1st of next year. A post with which it will occupy, in the company yet do not specify. According to operating director NOG Maxim Tkacheva, Dmitry Bartenev will be engaged in development of business News Outdoor in the international markets. today we work in seven markets and till the end of next year we want to add two more, and even three, - mister Tkachev speaks. - That this project has turned out successful, people are necessary. If two years ago at us was such ten as Dmitry, we already would work in the markets of India, Brazil and China .

In a rating of the largest advertising groups of Russia, made and magazine the advertising Industry Starcom MediaVest Group takes the third place with a turn in $2004 292,5 million last year clients of group were Coca - Cola, BAT, Mars, GM.

NOG enters into corporation News Corp belonging to the Australian media magnate Rupertu Merdoku. The basic active NOG - company News Outdoor - Russia, the largest player of the Russian market of outdoor advertising with an annual turnover $150 million

Mister Bartenev works in the advertising market since 1994. In July, 1996 has passed in group DMB and B (subsequently it is transformed in Starcom MediaVest Group; SMG). In 2003 it is appointed by president SMG Russia. Construction of a filial network in the CIS countries was one of lines of activity of mister Bartenev in SMG. From SMG mister Bartenev explains the leaving by interest to the large international project which to it have suggested to head. it is very interesting to me; I will be engaged in introduction in a number of other countries business - models which has shown the success in Russia - he speaks.

work on the international projects NOG made active in the beginning of this year. Until recently its business has been concentrated basically in Russia and countries of Eastern Europe - Czechia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria. In April - May the group made active expansion on the international markets, having bought local operators of outdoor advertising in Ukraine and in Turkey. Simultaneously the European bank of reconstruction and development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank) declared delivery News Outdoor of the next credit at a rate of $130 million on business development in the CIS countries.