Rus News Journal

Direct speech

Olga Gorjacheva, the assistant to the general director of the company Pachcholi Marillion :
- We try to create a regional network to Russia and the CIS under the aegis of the international network Nexia International. Now we are in process of negotiations and the conclusion of agreements with variety of the regional companies. Actually they will be members of the international network under our control. These companies keep the independence and independence. It does not mean that we type everybody. The international network to us entrusts carrying out of procedure of quality assurance to Russia and the CIS, and we aspire to create a pool of equally quality firms. An overall objective of this work - convenience at service of big clients.

Michael Vinokurov, the chairman of the board of the company Horwath MKPTSN :
- At present we have refused creation of a structural network and have considerably reduced quantity of branches. Them was 25, and remains at present only 9. Our company now is guided by an establishment in regions of reliable partner communications more. The matter is that when the companies work under one mark standards and work methods should be identical. And to check it it has appeared inconveniently. As a result misses of one affect all company. So, from my point of view, time to develop structural regional networks has not come yet. While it is not too reliable yet. Time that in regions have learnt to appreciate the accessory to this or that network is necessary.

Alexey Pushkarev, the director for organizational development of the company Bejker Tilli Rusaudit :

- If we will want to develop the network rates of opening of new branches of our company hardly will exceed one office in a year. It is simply impossible to create high-grade branch faster. If simply to buy up on company regions, that, except a rating and outwardly good indicators, it will give nothing. To create high-grade office in region, it is necessary to go there and year it to put. Only then it will be possible to count on due quality of its work.

Svetlana Legostayev, the assistant to the general director of the company HLB Vneshaudit :
- We closely were engaged in development of a regional network in this summer. Two branches are already open. They are registered as the legal bodies who are in the property of our company. However according to the concept of development of a regional network developed by us in the future we will start to apply new model. To the regional companies we will suggest to enter into agreements on use of the name with simultaneous introduction in their directing bodies of the people. Thus, they will be affilirovany as internally, at decision-making level, and outwardly, at name level. It is slow enough process as it is necessary to spend very big spadework.

Elena Trubnikova, the general director of the company Financial examination :
- For today at us nine regional representations and to stop on it we do not gather. In the nearest plans - to expand quantity of representations in the Central federal district and to open branch in Ukraine. I consider that prospects for this purpose are, and very quite good as Russians are very practical, the Russian audit is claimed. After all as soon as speech about rendering of real service comes, the knowledge of the Russian mentality, the Russian power and its reactions is required. We are aimed at the decision of such problems, including for the regional companies.