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EvrazHolding the operating director for operational activity of Open Company " has counted on slags

Yesterday; EvrazHolding Valery Khoroshkovsky has declared company plans on factory building on processing of vanadic slags. Investments into the project will make $100 million Platform for it will be chosen in territory of Sverdlovsk area. Let out by the new enterprise pentoksid vanadium it will be delivered on the world markets. However, experts consider that the world market is too narrow for occurrence of the new large player. Yesterday on a press - conferences in Ekaterinburg the operating director for operational activity of Open Company EvrazHolding Valery Khoroshkovsky has declared that metholding plans to be engaged in repartition vanadiesoderzhashchego raw materials. The new industrial complex will be for this purpose constructed. As mister Khoroshkovsky has told, as platforms under it Bottom Salda, and also Nizhni Tagil and Kushva are considered. The final decision where to build industrial complex, it will be accepted in 2006. Then factory building will begin. In 2006 design works and the conclusion of contracts on delivery of the equipment will begin, and civil work are planned for 2007.

according to mister Khoroshkovsky, the new industrial complex will be engaged in processing of vanadic slag from Open Society Nizhnetagilsky metallurgical industrial complex (also enters in EvrazHolding ) . It is planned that after factory introduction in operation it will let out to several tens thousand tons pentoksida vanadium in a year, mainly for export. Of this substance it is made ferrovanady - the alloying additive used by manufacture of special strong steels. As have explained on NTMK, saved up on nizhnetagilskom industrial complex of slags will suffice on some tens years of work of the processing enterprise. Under preliminary plans, in creation of new factory it will be invested about $100 million They will pay off for 2,5 - 3 years - Valery Khoroshkovsky has expressed confidence.

now pentoksida vanadium and ferrovanadija in Russia two enterprises - Open Society " are engaged in manufacture only; Vanadium - Tula and Open Society Chusovsky metal works (the Perm area). The leader of the market is the Tula industrial complex which is letting out more of 100 thousand of tons pentoksida of vanadium. Experts on - to a miscellaneous have concerned plans of metallurgical holding. So, the adviser of the all-Russian branch association of employers Association of industrialists it is mountain - a metallurgical complex of Russia (AMROS) Sergey Vinogradov considers that at EvrazHoldinga there can be problems with sale. many countries have own deposits of vanadium, and in the world market now is not felt deficiency of this metal . On the contrary, analyst Brunswick USB Alexey Morozov explains that demand existing in the world market presumes EvrazHoldingu to occupy the niche. now there is a sharp rise in prices for vanadium. So, in the beginning of 2004 ferrovanady cost $15 for kg, and already in the beginning of 2005 the price has jumped up to $50 and has by this time risen to $61 for kg. Hence, demand for this production is very high - the expert has noted. Considering that ferrovanady it is applied at reception of special alloys which are widely used in industrial production, the analyst believes that demand on ferrovanadievye additives will not fall and further. And analyst IK Aton Timoti MakKachen considers that the vanadium world market is rather narrow, and even growth of demand for this metal will not allow EvrazHoldingu considerably to press the players presented on it.