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Kurgan opposition have banished on anonymous island

Yesterday the mayor of the Barrow Anatoly Elchaninov has signed the decision according to which any protest actions can be spent only in one place - on anonymous island in a bend of Tobol. The city authorities hope thus to avoid disorders during public actions. The federation of trade unions of the Kurgan region has declared that the decision of the mayor contradicts the federal law About meetings, meetings, demonstrations, processions and piketirovanijah and, probably, it will be protested in court. Till yesterday mass actions in the Barrow could be spent everywhere, except for the places discussed in the federal law About meetings, meetings, demonstrations, processions and piketirovanijah (overpasses, hospitals, schools, high-voltage LEP). Now it is authorised to arrange them only in territory of the Central recreation park. Piquancy of a situation that Kurgan TSPKiO is located on anonymous island in a river Tobol bend, in the distance from city centre and buildings Kurgan regional and municipal authorities. It has the area in 11,8 hectares. Besides TSPKiO on it the children`s railway is located. The island is connected to a city three bridges.

as has explained a press - the secretary of the mayor Jeanne Chumakova, it the decision urged to provide safety of the population at carrying out of actions with a considerable quantity of participants . According to the city authorities, carrying out of meetings, pickets, processions and demonstrations on island reduces to a minimum probability of occurrence of mass riots .

As have explained in goradministratsii, the meeting which has passed on October, 12th at the initiative of Federation of trade unions of the Kurgan region and trade union " became an occasion to decision occurrence; Protection - the Barrow . On it it was planned to announce the reference of educators to a city administration in which teachers demanded salary payment the debts on which exceed 2 months. Small action has poured out in a powerful protest action in which 3 thousand townsmen have taken part. Teachers, tutors of kindergartens and other establishments of formation have blocked off at two o`clock traffic on the Barrow central square - Lenin`s areas. Holding a meeting it was possible to stop only after intervention of police officers which have asked going to release proezzhuju a part. In spite of the fact that teachers have listened to the request of police officers and have easy dispersed, in goradministratsii have regarded happened as mass riots and the Barrow management has charged to Department of social policy of the mayoralty to prepare the decision regulating carrying out of similar actions.

the Decision of the mayor has caused at once the protest from Federation of trade unions of the Kurgan region which was one of organizers of the action on October, 12th. The vice-president of federation Sergey Kuznetsov has declared to the correspondent that, in its opinion, having forbidden to hold meetings in city centre, administration meaningly has tired out trade unions on island that kurgantsy did not accept participation in meetings. Therefore trade unions are not going to submit to the order of the city authorities and already in the beginning of November plan to hold the next meeting in city centre on Lenin`s area. The demand for its carrying out is already transferred in goradministratsiju. Also the desire to carry out public action in city centre have declared regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (on November, 7th, demonstration) and social movement Spiritually - historical and cultural revival of Zauralye (on October, 30th, meeting). Any of the organisations at the moment has not received official refusal. As Sergey Kuznetsov if to trade unions will not allow to hold meeting has declared , they are ready to protest the decision of the mayor in court.

the lawyer of the Ekaterinburg human rights organisation has agreed with representatives of trade union " also; Sutjazhnik the Novel of the Heads of cabbage which have noticed that, in its opinion, the restrictions entered by the mayor, contradict the federal law About meetings, meetings, demonstrations, processions and piketirovanijah . In turn, the city authorities of the Barrow assert that are assured of the correctness and have already sent the decision for examination in regional Office of Public Prosecutor. By data , check of conformity of the decision 3633 About carrying out public and cultural - mass actions to the federal legislation it will be spent today.

will inform on check results.