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Vladimir Putin have deprived of chance to become Peter

Yesterday Legislative Assembly (ZS) Primorski Territory in time second already has rejected the legislative initiative in the State Duma of deputy Adam Imadaeva about an exception of the Constitution of the point forbidding to the president to hold the post more of two terms successively. Mister Imadaev did not hide that achieves changes in the organic law that Vladimir Putin has had an opportunity to remain on a post of the head of the state and after 2008. To start procedure of entering of the amendment in the Constitution there were no only three voices of deputies. The initiative about an exception of item 81 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation ch. 3, forbidding to the president to hold the post more than two terms successively, deputy Adam Imadaev has proved that “ restrictions of terms of activity of the president of the Russian Federation directly break constitutional laws and freedom of citizens: the right to select and the right to be the selected works, provided items 32 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation “. “ On the contrary, conditions for the next political leapfrog, for constant elective fights, for penetration of hostile elements to a country government through “colour“ revolutions, and finally for conditions destabilization in Russia " are created; - mister Imadaev believes. At September session of seaside parliament the deputy has directly declared that on a post of the president he sees exclusively Vladimir Putin: “ We should use our best efforts, that working president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin could be re-elected for so much terms, how many it will be trusted by citizens of Russia “. However Adam Imadaeva`s initiative has been rejected (“ for “ 12 deputies, list structure of members of parliament - 39, the elite - 38) have voted. Enraged by such outcome of voting the member of parliament there and then has broken from itself a deputy badge, has thrown it on a table of presidium and has left a session hall, having declared that composes from itself deputy powers. However, deputies did not hasten to accept Adam Imadaeva`s resignation (for it the majority of members of parliament should vote). On the eve of October session the committee on the regional policy and legality ZS recommended to colleagues to reject the statement of mister Imadaeva, having considered that that has got excited. The member of parliament has exercised the right at once and has repeatedly brought a question on cancellation of restrictions of terms of stay in a post of the president.
yesterday Adam Imadaeva`s legislative initiative has been considered again. This time the member of parliament tried not to mention at all a surname of president Putin. “ we speak not about the concrete president, and about the rights of voters “ - mister Imadaev has declared. “ CH. 3 items 81 of the Constitution contradict ch. 2 items 32 where it is told that „have no right to select and be the elite the citizens recognised as court incapacitated, and also containing in places of imprisonment on a sentence of court“. Here there is a direct contradiction “ - the deputy (" convinced colleagues; It turns out, or all citizens are incapacitated or condemned, or the working president “ - the conclusion in its explanatory note becomes.) “ It is your point of view, or there is a legal conclusion of any body? “ - member of parliament Ivan Rogovoj has specified. “ it is the point of view of the Constitution “ - mister Imadaev cut off. Debate did not open. On the eve of voting speaker ZS Sergey Sopchuk has stated „“ confidence that the majority of deputies will speak against Adam Imadaeva`s initiative. However for entering of the amendment into the Constitution 17 deputies from 29 taken part in ballot have expressed, for decision-making there were no only three voices. The offer peregolosovat has there and then followed, and this time one of deputies has decided to win back back (“ for “ 16 voices, 4 - have been submitted already against, the others - have refrained).
Deputy Imadaev soon after voting has again left a session hall, but this time without scandal. From dialogue with the press it has evaded, and without having explained, whether intends to insist on resignation. And members of parliament, in its absence, have considered that the bases for satisfaction of the statement for addition of powers are not available.
the majority of deputies publicly have not wished to admit support of the initiative of Adam Imadaeva. Only Leonid Beltjukov has not hidden from „“ that voted “ for “. “ If at Peter I was eight years, he would not have time to open a window to Europe. Vladimir Vladimirovichu also should give chance “ - the deputy has informed. “ you seriously tell it? “ - the correspondent „“ has taken an interest. “ Absolutely “ - the member of parliament has assured, smiling broadly.
Alexey TCHERNYSHEV, Vladivostok