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“ to Russian buses “ have made way

Yesterday at session financially - (FEK) Omsk city council (GS) deputies have made decision to recommend to the economic commission GS to bring property complex PATP Ή2, cost of 90,5 million rbl., in an authorised capital stock of new joint-stock company (joint-stock company) created by the mayoralty of Omsk with the company “ Russian buses “. From the fourth attempt officials goradministratsii managed to prove to deputies benefit of the regional centre from the transport transaction. About assignation of the largest city transport agency to new joint-stock company deputies will accept the final decision at the nearest session GS on November, 2nd, 2005.
deputies have begun yesterday`s session FEK with questions to the director of city department of transport Vladimir Guberu. People`s choices the structure of board of directors of created joint-stock company first of all interested. “ in board of directors will be three persons from a city and two from the investor. On a post of the general director already there are three nominees, but I would not want now them to name, they are not co-ordinated “ - mister Guber has told. After that the official has assured deputies of a safe financial position of the company of the investor of Joint-Stock Company “ Regionavtotrans “ (Open Company branch “ UK „Russian buses“ “. - „“). “ They have sent us the balance, all of us have looked. Balance at the company positive “ - Vladimir Guber has specified. Having received irrefragable answers, chairman FEK Alexander Mjasnikov has put the question to the vote. The majority of deputies recommended GS to make the decision in the first reading.

After the conclusion of the transaction with the company “ Russian buses “ the regional centre will receive 207 new buses, within three months after the state registration of joint-stock company under the leasing scheme. The municipality will supervise 51 % of actions of created joint-stock company. The complex of real estate and equipment PATP in Ή2 cost of 90,5 million rbl., share of the investor becomes a city share in an authorised capital stock - 87 million rbl. Officials of the mayoralty of Omsk tried to receive consent GS to assignation PATP of Ή2 created joint-stock companies three times, but were refused.

it is obvious, wishing to fix success, the first deputy of the mayor of Omsk, the director of department of real estate Yury Gamburg has suggested the commissions to recommend GS decision-making at once in two readings. Against such haste deputies - communists have acted. “ where to hurry up? Clearly that we will not manage to follow these actions, we can be deceived, questions remains more many “ - the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Leonid Mihajlenko has shared fears. The first has tried to calm him vitse - mayor Yury Gamburg. “ in board of directors of new joint-stock company there will be representatives of departments of real estate, the finance and transport, they will supervise enterprise work “ - the mister convinced Hamburg. The official was supported by chairman FEK. “ Same as parents, well who from them will allow to spend additional issue of actions? “ - Alexander Mjasnikov persuaded. In turn Vladimir Guber has assured deputies that the commercial enterprise will work under the tariffs established by municipality. As a result the question on decision-making in the second reading has been put on voting, and by a majority of votes FEK has made decision to recommend GS to vote for assignation PATP Ή2 in an authorised capital stock of the joint-stock company created by the mayoralty of Omsk with the company “ Russian buses “ at once in two readings.
as Yury Gamburg has declared „“, the new joint-stock company will be registered in the near future. “ if deputies at session of the City Council make the decision, we will do the utmost cities that the company has been registered and has started to work till the end of November “ - the mister Hamburg has told. The post of the chairman of board of directors of the created joint-stock company will occupy, according to Yury Gamburga, the representative of the investor, and will be appointed to a post of the general director of transport company the candidate from municipality.
the transport transaction of the mayoralty of Omsk with the company “ Russian buses “ the Omsk businessmen working in the market of private passenger transportations, consider as infringement of the law on a competition and expressed publicly on this theme time and again. However to affect a situation of association and association of autocarriers cannot any more. It is expected that the final decision about assignation PATP Ή2 created the private company will be accepted at session GS on November, 2nd, 2005.
Anna Gadalina