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The authorities of Kamchatka will insert glasses

Yesterday deputies of the Kamchatka regional council have made the decision on allocation of 20 million rbl. on liquidation of consequences of explosions in art warehouses of Pacific fleet in Elizovsky area in the beginning of October, 2005. According to the people`s choices, many houses of the settlements which have suffered from incident, are not repaired till now by military men and compelled to freeze. The basic part of additional money will be sekvestrirovana from means of the Ministries of Emergency Measures reserved on a case of possible earthquake on Kamchatka. Yesterday in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij at session of a regional council of People`s Deputies the course of carrying out of a recovery work in the settlements of the Elizovsky area which has suffered from explosions in military warehouses has been considered. On the night of October, 1st of villages near Southern and Northern Koryaks on artillery arsenals of Pacific fleet (TOF) from - for arisen a fire began to be torn shells. Splinters scattered on 10 km and more, from nearby settlements evacuated about 8 thousand persons. In houses a blast wave beat out window frames and doors, in many buildings roofs and walls have been damaged.
according to the Minister of Defence, military department has allocated 70 million rbl. for liquidation of consequences CHS. As have informed in TOF, no problems on restoration zhilfonda in Elizovsky area at military men are present. For today building materials and money resources suffices, - have informed in a press - fleet service, - the glass cover of windows has ended, out repairs of a roof of houses are carried, in premises heat start-up " has taken place;. The interlocutor has specified that works are not finished only on the objects which have been not connected with ability to live of people, but they will be continued.
meanwhile yesterday the Kamchatka deputies have acted with criticism of representatives of the Minister of Defence. military men before low temperatures could not provide to the full people even with the bare - till now there are no glasses in apartment houses and even in preschool centres - Irina Jarovaja has cited the data the deputy of a regional council. She is convinced what to solve a problem it is necessary quickly, and there is no sense to hope for military men: the Power cannot leave to the mercy of fate the population of the Kamchatka area, therefore we will do the utmost not to allow to people to freeze . Other members of parliament have agreed With it, decided to allocate for restoration of houses of 20 million rbl.
However in the budget of area of such means are not present. This sum will be sekvestrirovana together with the Ministry of Emergency Measures and Incorporated management on habitation building in the Kamchatka area - Irina Jarovaja has explained . 15 million rbl. will arrive from a reserve of the Ministry of Emergency Measures created in connection with raised seismodangerous conditions on Kamchatka. Under forecasts of seismologists, probability of earthquake in the nearest half a year on peninsula force to 10 points makes 70 %. it is necessary to ask rhetorically only: What will we do in case of earthquake if we now even cannot insert some glass? - has noticed the deputy Summer.