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Uralgazservis did not leave in societies

Yesterday session of the supervisory board of Joint-Stock Company " has taken place; Uralgazservis on which shareholders have discussed the project of reorganisation of the company in holding structure. However minoritarii from Open Company Permregiongaz and administrations of the region have not accepted this variant which provided establishment of affiliated dependent societies. In their opinion, such reorganisation essentially strikes at their rights. Nevertheless, the company management intends to prove to shareholders efficiency of model on the project of the operating project szhizhennyj gas . Joint-Stock Company supervisory board " Yesterday has taken place; Uralgazservis (UGS) on which director for re-structuring and development Alexey Murynov has presented to shareholders the concept of reorganisation of the company. For the purpose of improvement of a financial position of firm the company management has declared reorganisation of Joint-Stock Company in the beginning of 2004. Then the concept was approved by the advisory council at the governor of the region. According to plan, till 2006 UGS it should be transformed to holding: divisions UGS should become separate battalions, and firm Uralgazservis would carry out functions of general management ( the corporate centre ) .
As have told sources in Open Company Permregiongaz later company management has suggested to issue divisions the separate Open Companies as which founder should act Uralgazservis . The company property was supposed to be rented this Open Company. In total it was supposed to form some societies which would be engaged in different kinds of business, for example gas transportation, sale szhizhennogo gas.
actually re-structuring has begun already with the beginning of 2005. Then sale szhizhennogo gas has passed to specially created branch UGS. And branch szhizhennyj gas functions with the separate account.
Joint-Stock Company Uralgazservis (UGS) - the largest gas-transport organisation of the Perm area. It is supervised by a group of companies, close to the chairman of the supervisory board Andrey Agishevu (59 %); about 20 % are registered for Open Company Permregiongaz (PRG, a daughter Open Company Mezhregiongaz ) And the structures close to it, 12 % - in the regional property. Other actions are sprayed among physical persons. The sales volume for 2004 has made more than 800 million roubles. In the first half of the year 2005 net profit UGS has grown almost ten times (from 4,5 million roubles for the same period in 2004 to 41 million roubles). In the company it have explained the spent re-structuring.
However yesterday supervisory board UGS has not accepted the offered concept of reforming. As the representative of the minority shareholder, zamgendirektora has informed Open Company Permregiongaz Alexey Lukanin, with allocation of several Open Companies shareholders have not approved the project. In its opinion, such reorganisation threatens with loss of controllability of the company as uniform system. As mister Lukanin has explained, councillors have suggested to develop the concept in more details. efficiency of changes is not shown, it is not visible the audit conclusions, not clearly, what tax risks - has noted Minuses concepts mister Lukanin.
Shareholders have noticed that management has promoted in working out, but on some questions of answers while is not present - the chairman of the supervisory board Andrey Agishev has informed . It has explained that within two weeks management should prepare tehniko - an economic justification under Open Company project szhizhennyj gas and to show its efficiency. the question on reorganisation by shareholders is not challenged - mister Agishev has noted.
Vitse - governor of the region Vladimir Lobanov representing interests of regional administration in supervisory board UGS, has declared that such variant of reorganisation of the company does not suit the power. it essentially infringes upon interests minoritariev. As a matter of fact, they will not have a possibility to participate in management of the company. It will be rather mediated through numerous structures - mister Lobanov has explained. He has noticed that the regional authorities will interfere with this project by all available means .
Anastas KOSTIN