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“ Martha “ has aimed on “ the Pentagon “

the Moscow holding “ Martha “ (operates retail networks Billa and Grossmart) yesterday declared the conclusion of the strategic union with Saratov ritejlerom “ Lia - the Lion “ to managing directors the grocery network largest in area “ In an apple “. Under the agreement of parties, “ Lia - the Lion “ will create with “ Martha “ the purchasing union, and also will help to develop networks Grossmart in region. Experts name similar form of co-operation strange, noticing that it reminds purchase " more; Martha “ the regional company. As they say in joint a press - release “ March “ and “ Lia - the Lion “ “ creation of the purchasing union, and also forthcoming opening of supermarket Grossmart first in Saratov in shopping centre “Pentagon“ " became the first step on a way of cooperation of two companies;. As the general director of the company " has explained; Lia - the Lion “ the Lion of Tenants, at Grossmart and “ In an apple “ there will be a uniform price policy. “ acting as the uniform purchasing union, we can provide for each other the best procurement prices both at local, and at federal suppliers, - he marks. - Besides, we will help development Grossmart with the Saratov region, at us good knowledge of specificity of business in region “.
Holding “ Martha “ operates networks Billa (the joint project with German Rewe Group) and Grossmart, the total number of shops exceeds 30 objects. The turn in 2004 has made $198 million Open Company “ TD ‘ Lia - the Lion ’ “ operates a network “ In an apple “ from 40 shops in Saratov, Engels and Balakove. The network turn for nine months 2005 has made $59 million
At the same time “ Martha “ and “ Lia - the Lion “ notice that associations of networks “ In an apple “ and Grossmart it is not provided. “ At our networks different formats. If Grossmart develops a large format of a supermarket, we shops ekonomklassa the small area “ - mister Semshchikov adds.
however participants of the market find the decision to create the purchasing union with the retail operator from Saratov the strange. “ the network „In an apple“ is considered one of key in area, but hardly Grossmart it would be valid so important to make use of its experience for effective occurrence in region, - the general director of a network “Paterson“ Yury Jakovchik speaks. - And hardly Grossmart so low procurement prices from the Saratov manufacturers are important, he can quite achieve them independently “. Experts are assured that behind the purchasing union the transaction on acquisition of the Saratov network disappears, and Moscow ritejlera will not confuse also a small format of shops of a network “ In an apple “. In the beginning of this year “ Martha “ under project Grossmart for $38 - 40 million has redeemed at FPG “ neftehimprom “ Network belonging to those “ prodmak “. The Floor space “ prodmakov “ basically made 300 - 400 sq. m - approximately as at Saratov ritejlera.
“ Creation of purchasing union “Martha“ and „Lia - the Lion“ looks as the veiled transaction on network purchase.„ In an apple “- the largest network in Saratov, and, accordingly, having bought it,“Martha“takes at once strong positions in region, - analyst IK of“Finam“Vladislav Kochetkov marks. - Most likely,“Martha“tries to hide this transaction from the basic partner - German Rewe Group from which it in common develops network Billa. Rewe it is not pleasant that“Martha“began to give more attention to own project, instead of development Billa and not to force conditions,“Martha“has issued purchase as the purchasing union “. According to mister Kochetkova, the sum of transaction could make to $100 million
At the same time experts doubt that the Saratov region - really attractive region for development Grossmart. “ If Samara is interesting for ritejlerov as large trading, and Volgograd - as an industrial city Saratov actually is attractive nothing as is detached, - the director for marketing of company G2 Technology Alexander Pypin speaks. - Not casually large federal networks do not put Saratov in the list of priorities, among millionnikov it costs on last places on appeal “.