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3 - 5. 11
the Championship of Moscow on rock-climbing on an artificial relief
Expocentre Gostini dvor
From Thursday till Saturday during an exhibition 12 Moscow Ski Salon in expocentre Gostini dvor will pass the championship of Moscow on rock-climbing on an artificial relief. In the program of competitions - bouldering which is one of the most entertainment and fascinating kinds of rock-climbing. It is the series of very difficult short lines including the most unusual elements of rock-climbing. Unlike other kinds of rock-climbing bouldering it is carried out without use of ropes, carbines and other safety adaptations as the maximum height of a line does not exceed 4 metres. On passage of each line to the participant it is taken away on 5 - 6 minutes without restriction of number of attempts. The best result considers passage of all lines from the first attempt. Professional sportsmen can take part in tournament. To be declared on tournament, it is necessary to pay a starting payment which makes 200 roubles. Competitions are spent to two stages. In the ending which will pass in final day, the sportsmen who have passed qualification are supposed only. The schedule
3. 11
12. 00 Women. Qualification
4. 11
11. 30 Men. Qualification
5. 11
11. 00 Women. The ending
12. 40 Men. The ending
16. 30 Rewarding

Sports orientation
4 - 6. 11
the Open championship of St.-Petersburg on rogejnu
Orehovo, lake Nyrkovo
the Information: gornycross. narod. ru
On Friday the first open championship of St.-Petersburg on rogejnu, or as it still name, " will open; mountain cross-country . These are competitions on sports orientation which are spent on the extended distance on a relief of the raised complexity with elements of extreme race. To take part, it is necessary to be declared in advance on tournament.

4 - 6. 11
Multisports race Adventure Cup 2005
Moscow Region, the city of Pushchino (7. 00)
the Input free
the Information: www. adventurecup. ru
Every year multisports adventure races type the increasing popularity in Russia. On Friday starts the fourth stage of three-day race Adventure Cup 2005. Spectators are expected by gripping show. All kinds of movement are replaced with fantastic speed. Within the limits of one race participants overcome a multikilometer route on impassability in a mode non - stop: go on bicycles, run, being guided by districts, float by boats, climb on rocks, special tasks carry out. On a race line control points are located. The participant receives certain quantity of points for passage of each control point. The one who has typed more points for the best time, becomes the winner of competitions.

motor racing
4 - 6. 11
National Russian selection of Land Rover G4 Challenge
Land Rover Experience Range (15. 00)
the Input free
the Information: lrg4. ru
to All who dreams to take part in Land Rover G4 Challenge 2006 competitions to test itself and to feel spirit of adventures of Land Rover, unique possibility is given. From Friday on Sunday in Moscow on off-road range of Land Rover Experience will pass national Russian selection LandRover G4 Challenge. To take part in selection, it is necessary to be registered only on a site lrg4. ru to have the operating driver`s licence and two-year experience of driving of the car. Participation in Land Rover G4 Challenge free, the persons who have reached 21 years are supposed to it. In the selection program - multirace (rock-climbing, rowing, orientation, bicycles), testing on English language, various tests for driving (a parking, a snake), and also night orientation.

motor racing
4 - 6. 11
Velegozh Challenge the Jump in the Chasm ???
Boarding house Velegozh (18. 00)
participation Cost - 2500 rbl.
the Information: www. zubr4x4. ru
On Friday start competitions the Jump in a chasm on all-wheel drive cars on overcoming of natural off-road obstacles. Lines are equipped for standard off-road cars, however organizers will build artificial obstacles for complication of lines. The set of obstacles includes differences of heights, boggy district, stream overcoming, maneuvering on the limited space in wood. Thus application of all means samovytaskivanija is authorised. Besides competitions on all-wheel drive cars will pass competitions on sprint which is spent on baggi. The main condition of participation in competition - presence at the applicant of the driver`s licence. Participation in the sprint program is not included into offset of competitions on the off-road cars, therefore each qualifying attempt in sprint costs 150 roubles. And participation in final arrivals the free. The participant who has shown the best time of passage of a line will win sprint.

Moscow, street Ilyinka, 4
(095 670 4501, 772 0461
Lake Nyrkovo
Leningrad region, settlement Orehovo
(095 273 1361
Moscow Region, the city of Pushchino
(095 517 2471
Boarding house Velegozh
the Tula area, area Zaoksky
(095 545 9020, (08734 41132
Land Rover Experience Range
Moscow, territory City Crocus 66 - j MKAD km