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The Internet - the companies of the USA are accused of infringement of the rights of Chineses

In the end of last week the congress of the USA has subjected to the sharp criticism activity conducting American the Internet - companies Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Cisco Systems in the Chinese market. The Internet - giants are accused that in a pursuit of profit they are ready to help to supervise to special services of China worldnet resources. Heads of the companies explain cooperation with the Chinese authorities necessity to observe local laws.
in a weekend in the congress of the USA have passed hearings about activity American the Internet - the companies in the Chinese market. To session have invited representatives Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Cisco Systems. The congressmen who are engaged in human rights, consider these companies as infringers of human rights and freedom of speech. Them accuse of cooperation with the Chinese authorities in exchange for unobstructed business dealing in China: With their help of special service carry out censorship in a network and struggle with local dissidents. As the congressman - republican Jim Lich has declared in the performance, the listed companies are ready to block access to the Internet - to sites which have got to the list politically unreliable and are considered oppositional authorities in power. According to the congressman, in exchange for such loyalty to the companies do not prevent to work in quickly developing Chinese market the Internet - services. you have already perfectly acquired the worst ways of business dealing. Therefore, if we suddenly want to enter censorship we will simply follow to your example " in the country; - congressman Lich has sarcastically finished the performance. During discussion in the congress even the idea was born to publish the special law forbidding the Internet - companies to help the authorities of China to enter censorship and to toughen control in a global network. Congressmen both from democrats, and from republicans have agreed in opinion that the computer industry has preferred profit to the American principles of a freedom of speech.

in the answer representatives the Internet - the companies have tried to beat off from congressmen arguments that they people dependent and are compelled to observe the Chinese laws. private concerns cannot influence alone a policy of the governments in that, as to access to the information and reforms in the field of human rights. We consider that it is necessary to continue dialogue between the governments for the sake of progress achievement in these difficult political problems - it is told in company Yahoo statement. And vice-president Google of Elliot Shrejdzh, acting in the congress, has told that the decision to enter censorship and to limit access to some resources of the Chinese Internet was for the company very difficult. we at all in delight of that it is necessary to do it. But at least we openly inform our users in China and behind its limits on those actions to which us compel - vice-president Google has declared to the American congressmen.

the congress of the USA not for the first time states concern in actions of the American companies in China. Thanking their active cooperation with the Chinese authorities the last successfully struggle with heterodoxy displays. Two cases when the Internet - the companies have helped special services to calculate oppositionists are known at least. In 2003 the Chinese authorities by means of experts of company Yahoo for eight years have planted known online - Whether the writer of Chzhi criticising corruption in Communist Party of China. Other loud scandal has happened in 2004 when the same company has helped to plant for ten years of the Chinese journalist Shi Tao accused of disclosure of the state secret. From electronic box Yahoo it has sent foreign colleagues the closed instruction of the Communist Party warning about possible disorders in connection with anniversary of events on the area of Tjananmen.

American the Internet - the companies are compelled to render to this sort of Beijing doubtful services as have signed so-called Public assurance about self-discipline in Internet sphere . It became some kind of the contract between the country leaders and the Internet - giants. According to it the last have agreed to block the Chinese blogs in which there are words democracy freedom human rights and demonstration . Among taboo subjects also - criticism of a management of the Peoples Republic of China, independence of Taiwan and bloodshed on the area of Tjananmen. Naturally, it has been made for exit reception on the huge Chinese market potentially estimated in 200 million of users.

From its part the Chinese authorities do not consider that operate illegally. having studied the Internet - the legislation in the West we have come to a conclusion that at us the identical legal purposes and principles. So it is unfair, when China is exposed to criticism for removal of illegal and harmful messages, at that time when American a web - sites have the right to do it - has declared to the Chinese mass-media of the deputy chief the Internet - bureau of state council according to the Peoples Republic of China to Lju Chzhenzhun.