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Than are engaged eks - governors

on April, 1st, 2005 a day before the expiry of the term of powers has left a post the Saratov governor Dmitry Ayatskov. on July, 15th, under messages of mass-media, it has been appointed by the ambassador in Belarus. However after a press - conferences in which course mister Ayatskov has advised to Alexander Lukashenko to cease to blow cheeks appointment has broken. On February, 1st, 2006 new governor Pavel Ipatov has informed that its predecessor has opened in Saratov a public reception and was engaged in a writing of memoirs.
on March, 9th, 2005 the governor of Koryak joint-stock company Vladimir Loginov is ousted by Vladimir Putin in connection with loss of trust of the president . On a new place of work it was not informed.

on April, 28th, 2005 has left the post the governor of the Tula area Vasily Starodubtsev. After resignation he continues to head the Agroindustrial union of Russia and remains in structure the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

on May, 31st, 2005 the president of the North Ossetia Alexander Dzasokhov declared resignation, that to let pass to young generation . On June, 7th the republic parliament has stopped its powers and has appointed the the representative in federation Council.

on August, 8th, 2005 has expired a term of appointment heads of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Gennady Khodyrev. He has refused the post of the senator offered it. In November, 2005 there was an information on its possible appointment as the Assistant Secretary of regional development of Vladimir Jakovleva. On January, 19th mister Khodyrev has informed on moving to Moscow and has declared that the president will find to it a work site as it on - former in a hot holder of the president .

on September, 7th, 2005 the governor of the Irkutsk region Boris Govorin has left the post in connection with the expiration of powers. On February, 9th, 2006 representatives the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation have informed that in March eks - the governor will start discharge of duties the ambassador in Mongolia.

the powers the governor of the Kaliningrad region Vladimir Egors on September, 28th, 2005 has ahead of schedule combined. on November, 23rd, 2005 it is selected in board of directors Severo - the Western timber industry company.

on December, 20th, 2005 the governor of the Ivanovo area Vladimir Tikhonov has ahead of schedule conceded a post to Michael Menju. On a new place of work it was not informed, on the eve of resignation concerning mister Tikhonov has begun a legal investigation about a bribe.