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Debts under the salary in Russia have for a short while grown

Total debts on a salary in Russia for January, 2006 has increased by 24,9 %, has informed last week Rosstat. Growth of debts is seasonal and though formally on a share of state employees it is necessary only 6 % of debts, it grows in this sector fastest. For February, 1st debts under the salary in Russia had 1,1 million persons.
on Friday agency Interfax has published the message of Federal Agency of the state statistics (Rosstat) about a state of affairs with payment of salaries in Russia. According to service, the total delayed debts in Russia for January have increased by 24,9 % - by February, 1st of current year it has made 7,186 mlrd rbl. Thus absence at the organisations of own means the debts at a rate of 6,769 mlrd rbl., or 94 % of a total sum speak. Debts on a salary for February, 1st 4 % of workers on surveyed kinds of economic activities, from them had of 39 % - workers of agriculture, 26 % - workers of processing manufactures, 18 % - the workers occupied in building, management of real estate, manufacture and distribution of the electric power, gas and water. On a share of the workers occupied in the field of culture, formation, public health services and sotsuslug, it was necessary 6 %. But underfinancing growth in January in this sphere is considerable - for January, 1st, 2006 it made only 2 %. Underfinancing of salaries has made 417 million rbl. of budgets of all levels, it in 2,1 times more than for January, 1st. Proceeding from given Rosstata, jump in debts under the salary has strongly pronounced seasonal nature. As the principal cause of formation of debts - shortage of own means at the enterprises of all patterns of ownership is underlined by Rosstatom.

the Sharpness of a problem of delays of a salary has essentially decreased during the last years (the schedule see). In the report of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation the Basic indicators of development socially - labour sphere and public health services in 2005 it is underlined: in comparison in December, 2004 the debts were reduced in 2,1 times, including budgetary - in 4,5 times . As the cited data, problems with payment of the salary to the state employees testify, many years leaving in a political plane, practically does not exist. Features of dynamics of debts (falling in December and growth in January) can be completely explained almost features of budgetary process in Russia. The enterprises in the beginning of year often complain of absence of payment from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Minister of Defence and on housing and communal services financing. Probably, therefore on overcoming of delays of the salary the government prefers to strict measures the evolutionary policy.

we Will notice that existence of a problem of nonpayment of salaries is characteristic for very few countries of the world - it if arises, dares rigid judicial and administrative measures. So, according to Gulf News, the head of the Ministry of Labour and social development of the United Arab Emirates Ali Bin Abdulla al - Kaabi, having found out that in the country practice of delays of the salary on one - for the purpose of a non-admission of flight of workers develops three months, in January, 2006 has made decision to stop all transaction of the labour law of the companies involved in infringement.