Rus News Journal

We urge not to give in on provocative statements

the Plenipotentiary of the president in JUFO Dmitry Kozak so has commented yesterday on the statement of the Ingush deputies:
the Main our problem is a realisation of legitimate rights and interests of the compelled immigrants. And about it and only about it there was a speech at meeting on February, 8th. Really, the majority of citizens wish to return to former places of the constant residing. These citizens have the right to lodge there where they will want, or to choose any of the places offered FMS. As to settlement New it is equipped for those who wishes to lodge there. Anybody violently will not move there.

at the same time we should warn people about those obstacles, objective and subjective which trap them on places of their former constant residing. About it also there is a speech in the report. But simultaneously in it it is specified that, despite all complexities, people have all the same the right to lodge there where they will want. We should leave from concept ` the closed settlements `.

As to reaction of some deputies of national meeting of Ingushetia to the meeting report they are absolutely insolvent. To us the facts when recently some pseudo-politicians actively interfere with process of restoration of legitimate rights of citizens are known and urge to sabotage any decisions FMS and the authorities of the North Ossetia. The impression is made that for some pseudo-politicians the human grief became way of an earning of cheap political dividends, and for some officials - and way of an easy money. The facts of abusings and plunders which have been revealed recently during inventory of expenses of money resources on settlement of consequences osetino - the Ingush conflict for last 13 years testify to it. We will be and to defend consistently further legitimate interests of citizens and we urge not to give in on some provocative statements .