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The right does not have not enough deliberative votes

Party the Union of the right forces has addressed in the European court under human rights with the statement in which it is said that the Russian authorities obstruct Union of Right Forces in reception of correspondence from court. As appears from the text of the statement, Union of Right Forces of the letter from Strasbourg have ceased to reach in the autumn of last year though up to the beginning of October of the message reached regularly, instead of concerning suit with the Russian authorities come and now. In particular, the party has not received information letters on assignment of registration number under two complaints, concerning removal of party from regional elections, and the notice on reception of the emergency complaint of Union of Right Forces in connection with unprecedented pressure on party from the authorities during December elections in the State Duma. Meanwhile Party members from informal sources knew that else in December, 2007 the European court has begun work under this complaint and has put some question before the Russian authorities. these circumstances force us to assume that proceeding on our address from the European court the correspondence is exposed to perlustration by the Russian authorities for the purpose of hindrance protection of the rights of our party in the given judicial body - it is told in the statement of Union of Right Forces which Party members, without trusting the Russian mail, have transferred in court through one of the Russian lawyers.

the lawyer of Union of Right Forces Vadim Prokhorov has sounded two versions of this history: Or reviewers of the device the vessels being citizens of the Russian Federation and offered there not without assistance of the Russian authorities, have not directed us documents - in that case for a management of court it represents a great interest and a subject for trial. But it is much more probable that interception of correspondence is carried out in Moscow. The answer concerning an event also should give our inquiry in court .