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Bazel has reached to Russnefti

Russneft has opened new structure of a management. Together with four colleagues of the head of board of directors of the company of Alexander Korsika on to Itera in Russnefti there was a representative of holding the Base element Oleg Deripaska - the former top - the manager Rusala Alexey Nikonov. This first acknowledgement of participation of holding in management Russneftju the transaction on which purchase Bazel yet has not finished.
on Friday Russneft has informed on changes in structure of company management, having placed on the site the new list a top - managers. The company has confirmed the information That Oleg Schegolev (holds this post since October), the vice-president on development - Igor Marchenko, the vice-president on monitoring of stocks of oil and gas - Andrey Shegimago (both work since November) became its first vice-president. About two new a top - managers till now it was known not. The post of the vice-president on technologies was received by Vladimir Svajkin, Alexey Nikonov became the vice-president under corporate relations.

In the list of vice-presidents Russnefti the senior vice-president Sergey Bahir, the senior vice-president on economy and the finance Olga Prozorovsky, the vice-president on geology Victor Savelyev, the vice-president on building Stanislav Taslitsky, the vice-president under corporate relations Dmitry Romanov, the vice-president on administrative questions Victor Yeremeyev any more do not appear. All of them, as speak in the company, are in holiday.

Except for mister Nikonova, all new vice-presidents till autumn of 2007 worked in to Itera together with the head of board of directors appointed in October Russnefti Alexander Korsikom. By that moment of structure of holding the Base element Oleg Deripaska have already submitted to Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) the petition for purchase Russnefti (the permission is not given till now). However in Bazele officially did not confirm that mister Korsik represents interests of holding.

now in Russnefti there was a first top - the manager directly connected with Bazelom - Alexey Nikonov appointed to a new post in December. In the official biography of mister Nikonova it is informed that since May 2000 till June, 2007 it worked on various posts in Open Society Russian aluminium and Open Company Rusal - a management company supervising sphere of corporate relations. The basic shareholder Rusala is Bazel . Shots Rusala the holding has decided to strengthen and the battalion En + in which management it was supposed to transfer Russneft on termination of the transaction. Last week En + Vladislav Solovev, earlier holding has headed a post of the financial director Rusala .

Structures Bazela intend to get Russneft so occurrence among its top - managers of the people connected with Bazelom it is quite natural - analyst IK " considers; the Three Dialogue Valery Nesterov. Denis Borisov from IFK Solid adds that appointment of mister Nikonova can testify that Bazel actually already supervises Russneft also watches that occurs in the company . The analyst notices that in corporate structure Russnefti there are changes, the structure of boards of directors of affiliated societies in particular changes, and this question just is in Alexey Nikonova`s competence.