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Khimki have bypassed the contender on an arch

In a cup-final of Russia on basketball today in Kazan there will be CSKA and Khimki . Soldiers in a yesterday`s semi-final with the UNIX were rescued by John Robert Holden: for five seconds till the end of a match it has brought it a victory - 51:50 - distant hit. Khimki in not less persistent meeting have overcome the Dynamo - 73:71.
as the Most reliable guarantee of good basketball the structure of participants served in Kazan the Ending of four . Has made the way there entirely the big four the Russian basketball - the richest, most titled clubs. Clubs, shortly before the Kazan tournament, in the past weekend, already played against each other in the championship and given out magnificent in sense of an intrigue of a meeting: the UNIX has overcome the Dynamo and CSKA - Khimki with a difference four points. Continuation in Basket - a hall promised to be not less grasping.

Dinamovtsev, truth, like would wait the big problems in the first semi-final. They have arrived to Kazan without the injured Peter Samojlenko, and directly ahead of a meeting with himkami Milosha Vujanicha have lost also. Still recently seeming smart the choice playing at the Moscow club has turned to the insignificant: one teenager Dmitry Hvostov, not including more useful on a position of attacking defender Henri Domerkanta and Trevisa Hanssen. However and without Samojlenko with Vujanichem the Dynamo looked pretty well. And Khimki hardly was not coped with the CSKA, with all first half have been compelled to catch up.

a dynamo to the big break even has twice jerked was in a separation. What has taken place in the second quarter, looked very serious. Sergey Monja not so before appreciable, has spent udachnejshy a piece. To its feats made in this minute with small, could envy and Michael Jordan. Monja at first has hammered in a difficult throw from an average distance, then has added to it two hits have published also interception. Dinamovtsy have moved - 30:23. Khimki have endured a shock surprisingly easy. To a break balance has been restored.

and after it in a pursuit it was necessary to rush already the Dynamo : the third period Khimki have begun with jerk - 7:0. The Dinamovsky pursuit a key role in which Yury Vasilev has played, has come to the end successfully. It is white - blue Khimki have overtaken. All is pursuits, feats of Moni - was actually a prelude to an ending of a match. To the fantastic ending deserving the most detailed description.

for two minutes up to the end the sniper himok Deniel Juing has hammered trehochkovyj, and position the Dynamo became not simply difficult - catastrophic. The account was 64:58 in favour of inhabitants of Khimki and left dinamovtsam only illusive hopes of rescue. But the next minute all has turned over upside down. Basketball players himok in a step, no, in a small short step from the ending has, seemingly, captured terrible nervous trembling. Their three losses the Dynamo has used under the full program and after a shot Sergey Bykova from a corner has come forward - 65:64!

Juing has answered dinamovskomu to the defender next trehochkovym. Bulls has revenged pass under a ring - 67:67. Come to the end this thriller could everything. Khimki followed for bykovskoj attack hardly not zaporoli. Vitaly Fridzonu had to throw last second possession, from seven metres moreover through hands supervising it on an arch of Domerkanta. Fridzon has got - 70:67. The trainer the Dynamo Svetislav Peshich, of course, took a time - a miss. And certainly, from it is that experience has explained, how for the remained 15 seconds to deliver a ball to the sniper on trehochkovuju an arch. Hanssen shot almost without resistance, but unlike Fridzona throwing hands thrown up upwards of Domerkanta, has not thrown so far to the near handle.

however, and it there was yet a point, as from available at it at the disposal of 15 seconds the Dynamo has spent only five. Ten were at it in a reserve and have contained in itself a heap of events. Penal Juinga with whom that on idea has finished dinamovtsev. Trehochkovyj Domerkanta - after it for is white - blue the thin ray of hope began to dawn. It became brighter, when Michael Wilkinson has greased the second of penal, and Matsej to the Lamp sfolil on taken away a rebound centre the Dynamo Robertase Javtokase. To a siren - three seconds, and at the Dynamo there was a real variant to get out. For this Javtokasu it was required to hammer in one penal and so to execute another that from the handle the ball has jumped aside to someone from partners. The Lithuanian realised the first part of the plan ideally. With the second left nothing. The ball falling in a three-second zone, has seized to the Lamp.

in a minute the instructor himok Kjastutis Kemzura, just frenziedly shouting something to the basketball players from a lateral line, translated spirit before television cameras and predicted the same equal battle in the second semi-final, in which to owners the Ending of four one of the strongest clubs of Europe resisted. Kemzura was not mistaken. The UNIX delivered to the favourite an array of problems passion to which battled in protection. A rare occurence: for two quarters of CSKA has managed naskresti only 22 points - the norm for one! At citizens of Kazan at whom in the second period Tarik Kirksej was scattered, them was nenamnogo, but all - taki is more - 27.

There was time, and changed nothing. The UNIX on - former was desperately cut for each ball, and its players, even youth like Victor Kejru, flatly refused to shiver under army pressure. CSKA on - former points were given with enormous work. The match was torture for both taking in it part of commands and, as well as the previous semi-final, inevitably moved to an ending. Also has reached, certainly, it.

One minute and ten seconds prior to a siren John Robert Holden, throwing with a deviation, has hammered in a ball through Sergey Chikalkina, and army advantage has reached three points - 46:43. The initiative, control over a situation were at CSKA. Has taken away them from favourite Dariush Lavrinovich, managed to hammer about the same throw, as Holden, but not from four, and from eight metres! Were the Kazan interception and one realised by Nikolay Padiusom penal further. Then - the pass adventurous and poured out in loss under a ring of Holdena. CSKA sfolil on Chikalkine. That has got two penal of two. Ramunasu Shishkauskasu have allowed to climb under a board and to reduce backlog to a minimum.

CSKA again was necessary a foul. Dzhamal Makkalou has a little bit helped soldiers, once having missed. But all the same the problem at CSKA was improbably difficult - to spend productive attack less than for ten seconds. It has spent it. In September of last year John Robert Holden became the author gold a throw of Russian national team in the ending the European championship with Spaniards. Yesterday trehochkovyj playing without nerves has brought CSKA a cup-final of Russia.