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the Plan Munich (Munich, 2005 ****) Stephen Spielberg filled with misgivings. When the main storyteller of Hollywood addresses to tragedies of the XX-th century, historians sob violently. Too Schindler prolonging life to Jews in concentration camps from a pure pragmatism, and generals for whom at the height of fight for Normandy there is no care more important are similar to fairy godmothers and experienced natsi, than to rescue private soldier Rajana. It would be logical to assume that now Spielberg will combine a hymn in honour of insurgents Mossad some years of leaders of the Palestinian organisation methodically shooting and blowing up worldwide Black September in 1972 grasped the Israeli national team on the Munich Olympic Games: all sportsmen were lost from - for a criminal negligence of German police. At first expectations - fears come true. Horror of the Munich slaughter-house. Iron, small Gold Mejr, making the decision to revenge. The young handsome men agreeing for the sake of revenge to leave for years, maybe, for ever in a deaf underground: if something happens nobody will help, they are deleted from the most confidential registers of special services. They dive into strange, underground Europe teeming with threefold agents, the cynical informants, ready to sell to murderers any game not quite made characters continuing the personal Second World War. At all the alarm, and a paranoia gradually accrues. To identify itself with heroes all is more painful. Severe, but like noble mission it would appear road to a hell. Already the first action zonderkomandy causes sensation: something not that. Too long, it is too intolerable the elderly Palestinian poet, the translator " tries to take away from itself pistols of murderers; 1001 nights on the Italian which has got an ambush in Rome. On a hand the string-bag with a package of milk shivers. At first heroes try to avoid casual victims: During last instant cancel explosion of the bomb built in in phone, when instead of the Palestinian leader a tube a beret its small daughter. But then, delirious night spot-check to Beirut already there is no time to assort, who the main target and who so, has turned up under an automatic barrel. The difference between hunters and victims disappears. The secret apartment in Athenes should be divided with kommandos Black September : Israelis give out themselves for insurgents German Fractions of red army . Both those and others already too were tired, both those and others behind a side of a nervous breakdown, as a matter of fact, they have nothing to divide, and new a victim to the decision of the Palestinian conflict in any way will not help. As and KGB, the heads strictly forbids to bring down the present puppeteers got mixed up in espionage games, agents of CIA. A word negotiations The morals of a film that terrorism terrorist methods not to win, but also the spilt blood not to write off in archive do not sound, apparently, never, but. Still in one film Spielberg did not show such possession of details. Expensive there is a gesture which before death the girl - the killer, killed one of avengers, caresses the cat. Any sacred mission is not necessary that this fine body was lost: at the last moment killersha tries, having bared, to bribe murderers itself. However, some details cause otorop. Having arrived to Paris, killers first of all buy garlands of garlic in the street market from Tour d`Eiffel. Here Palestinians - that fools: it was necessary to plant in the markets of observers and to wet all who shows heightened interest to garlic. Founders Bumera. A film of the second (2005 *****) Peter Buslova fairly forbid to name it Bumer - 2 : With the first it has not something in common, it everything, only not a criminal film. Subject communications with Bumerom blab out hasty and annoyancely. That the Cat has survived in firing and even has got out from a zone long before the end of term, it not seems slyness at all. And not the foppish Cat it at all, and the dead person in short-term discharge on this light, a body without the past and the future, even without a name, more truly that is found out far not at once, with an extra name of other, killed convict. Vladimir Vdovichenkova`s hero is similar to the zombie, anew the pupil to speak and move, from blow by a baseball bat on a head not losing memory, and finding, trying to warn passers against repetition of own destiny. But all is vain. All grow up new and new freezed the four of the same friends what were heroes Bumera yet not knowing that street war in which they are got involved, is lost for a long time already. And cops any more do not spend time for shots in air: bring down without the prevention. And the love with the silly woman - the little girl is impossible: susalnye drivings under singing of the Cord on the unhooked railway car remind agonal visions. In general, the natural producer desire to prolong life to characters, is no time broken cash desk, has generated a hopeless film about the naked person on the naked and hostile earth in which even not to lay down - that on - chelovecheski.