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Design researches

At first sight by means of the house computer can be automated and made more technological any process. To take at least house accounts department. On the computer to plan expenses it is more convenient, than on a paper. With planning of repair of apartment or building of the house a situation return: to computerise this process under force to professionals or very persevering users ready by all means to calculate the kitchen on the computer. The computer observer was convinced of it - Houses DMITRY ZAHAROV.
Architectural obstacles
it is a little Good architects. Even less than good architects who use the professional software, therefore computer tools are very expensive to architects. Most known of computer programs for architectural planning ArchiCAD from the Hungarian company Graphisoft costs $2 thousand
the Close program on functions ArCon from the Russian manufacturer the Eurosoftware too it is accessible not to all - depending on a tooling it will manage to the consumer in $1,1 - 1,4 thousand And here a specialised software for designing of houses from a profile bar and otsilindrovannyh logs 3 - the Cottage in the full version will cost at level of foreign analogues - to $3,8 thousand Dearness of these programs is caused by that with their help it is possible not only to create visual model of the house or apartment, but also to let out the high-grade design documentation corresponding to all building norms. Highly specialised character of programs dictates also their interface - in hundreds options and tools it is easy to be lost even to the expert that is why it is necessary to pay attention to more simple class of programs which allows to reproduce an approximate kind of the house.

the Design delicacy
Inexpensive programs, however, too not a guarantee of easy life of the beginning designer. Even the simplified versions of professional programs, such as ArCon Repair ($10), ArCon Home 2 ($5), or independent products Broderbund 3DHome Architect Design Suite Deluxe 6 ($95) and Kitchen Draw ($2,7 for a business hour of the program) will demand several days of studying. By the way, the overwhelming majority of foreign programs on official channels to Russia are not delivered. Legally to get them it is possible only on sites of manufacturers, and it is illegal - in any booth with piracy disks. Advertising disks, pirates usually write that all programs are Russified. It not so. Almost all popular foreign programs for design of the house and interiors do not support Russian and frequently in general are far from the Russian realities. So, for example, the minimum size of kitchen which is capable to create and calculate 3DHome Architect Design Suite Deluxe 6 - 2,7x2,1 m. In many Moscow five-storey apartment blocks the typical size of kitchen - 2x2 m.

Simplicity on - American
From all accessible programs in the market the most simple in development it has appeared American 3DHome Architect Design Suite Deluxe 6. Even the novice user for 10 - 15 business hours can be accustomed to tools of the program, and for couple of days and draws own kitchen or a drawing room. On preparation of the project of a country house week can leave. The interface of the program is very simple, almost each element of design and building is accompanied by a picture, therefore ignorance of English language not strongly disturbs to work with the program.
the main convenience of the program - presence of so-called masters of support (wizards). C the help of masters the program solves the main problem of the beginner in design - with what to begin - and spends initial poll of the user in which result before eyes there is not an abstract drawing, and ready 3D - model. For example, on the first step by working out of kitchen it is necessary to choose its form - L - figurative, U - figurative, on the second - arrangement of key elements of a kitchen life: sinks, the refrigerator, a plate and cases, on the third - approximate colour scale just for decoration. After that by means of the cursor it is enough to specify the size of kitchen, to adjust the virtual chamber from which point of view you will look at the project, and to press the button 3D . So, all in some minutes on the screen will appear a pig from which then long hours will cut out a high-grade breadboard model. Unfortunately, in this version of the program only two masters - kitchen and house Will develop therefore the project of a drawing room where more difficult - designing should be begun with zero.

repair on - russki
Programs for interior design ArCon Home and planning of repair and designing of apartments and buildings ArCon Repair are attractive not only the price, but also funktsionalom and possibilities of expansion. So, for ArCon Repair there is a huge set of three-dimensional models of furniture and objects of an interior for which account the computer project will be as much as possible similar that will turn out in a reality. Disks with models which are made by Novosibirsk studio the Compass there are 130 rbl. In ArCon Repair it is possible to design almost all: from a bathroom to a many-storeyed building. The program allows to walk virtually on the future house, and to make it it is possible in the afternoon or at night: In 3D - models character of illumination and even exact position of the sun or the moon depending on width and a longitude on which the building is located will be considered. The list of tools is included by the editor of materials and modelling of a landscape.
However, reasonable prices do not rescue ArCon Home and ArCon Repair from heavy a professional heritage: the interface of programs and their approach where is closer to creation of projects to the architect, than the ordinary consumer. Therefore to take pleasure in virtual walk near to the house under the full moon it is possible only after long work with the program. Freely to own its elementary functions, it is required to spend week of laborious work.

on kitchen at the programmer
the Specialized program for planning of kitchen KitchenDraw - an example of the economic approach to architectural designing. The first that it is necessary to inform the program, is a name of the company which are carrying out the project, and also currency in which the estimate will pay off. Apparently, the program is addressed the companies which specialise on building of kitchens. However, possibilities KitchenDraw can use and the ordinary user. A unique lack for it - cost of use of the program which makes $2,7 at an o`clock.
it is very convenient that at the initial stage the program with the help masters captiously finds out colour scale of all elements of kitchen furniture up to colour of handles and plinths. Before creation of model it is possible to enter the sizes of kitchen, and also to specify, what surface will be used for a floor and a ceiling. Experimenting the program, it is possible to find out, for example, that on a floor of kitchen the area 2,1x2,1 m is better to buy a tile 15 x15 sm or 30x30 sm - then it should not be cut off. The only thing that leaves censures, is an interface. Russian translation only confuses, therefore for its work it is more preferable not to use. Besides after creation of a breadboard model unfamiliar with logic of programmers the user the solid hour will search, as though to it to make in the brand new virtual kitchen at least a door with a window.