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Such statement the president of Pakistan has made Pervez Musharraf in interview to newspaper The Daily News in the House of army in Islamabad. even those years I trusted in effectiveness of encouragement and a raising of spirit of others. And I arrive so till now - he has declared to journalists. As he said, be it the dictator, in the country there would be no freedom of mass-media. esteem our newspapers, look at transfers of our television. Any person has the right to speak against me. What does this opposition there speak? You should look only at our mass media and all becomes clear - mister Musharraf has told. The president has underlined that is is modern the conceiving person and the supporter of stabilisation. Talking to journalists, the president has expressed the opinion and on a number of other questions. In particular, he has declared that for a victory over terrorism it is necessary to block financing of terrorist activity all over the world.
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