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The astrological forecast

Tuesday, on June, 16th
  the Astrological forecast

Tuesday, on June, 16th

Today quite good day. Not for all, of course, but many can hope for realisation of the most courageous projects. You are practical and perfectly get on with partners in work.
suitable day to begin an advertising campaign of firm and as a whole for dialogue with representatives of the press.
today favorable time for the conclusion of large transactions and serious undertakings. Others should wait a little and in advance all properly to count.
Besides, you will manage to choose correctly a direction of your activity. Discuss it with the business partners as negotiations should pass without problems.
day is successful and for purchases, and it is possible to buy everything that to you will attract, taste will not bring you.
it is possible to descend on presentation in the evening, to visit an exhibition or theatre. However, evening promises to be pleasant irrespective of, than you will be engaged.
good time for cosmetic procedures.
from ARIESES care in actions is required. It is better not to take out concrete decisions and to spend preliminary work. That is to meet, discuss, but not to sign yet documents.
at TAURUSES like all it would be possible, however thus there is serious enough danger of thefts and deceits. It is better not to be engaged in monetary operations. Day approaches, for example, for the decision of questions on real estate.
at TWINS disputed day both in business, and in private life. But, on the other hand, today it is possible to count on the large sums of money and the further prospect of good money. Be engaged in financial operations and remove internal problems on a background.
CANCERS are in the quiet weakened condition. It and is true. At you the intuition is aggravated, and you well supervise a situation. However along toward evening there will be a probability of conflicts to an opposite sex.
from Lvov care in decision-making is required. In your interests not to hurry up. Also keep the money around, in particular do not lend, especially under the word of honour . Affairs do not need to be finished today, but day as well as possible approaches for information reception.
at MAIDENS strange day and, the main thing, difficultly predicted. The situation will show that is necessary. As a whole, you enter in the period of stable material welfare (you are very close to that). You are convinced that your business is reliable.
at SCALES not the most pleasant day in business and in private life. Nevertheless you will have a certain financial prospect. Now while it is difficult to you to understand a situation so it is not necessary to take out final decisions on any questions.
SCORPIONS will not regret about the lived bottom. It is possible to be engaged in advertising, to sign documents, to meet important people, especially with the heads. All is good and in private life - and that else to wish?
to SAGITTARIUSES well to remove all important issues for day. It does not concern real estate questions - them just it is possible and it is necessary to solve. In other affairs activity of good will not bring.
at CAPRICORNS good time for the decision of important questions: you perfectly feel a situation. Day promises you monetary profit, be engaged in everything that is connected with money.
to AQUARIUS is better to go down stream. You will deduce on the necessary people, by itself there will be new contacts and there will be new relations. Do not refuse any offers. Sign contracts.
at FISHES remarkable day as the Moon is in their sign. You feel in the plate, however plan today to trifles that your efforts were not vain.

Wednesday, on June, 17th
Day approaches to put down all points over i. That is tomorrow many at last - that will see personally results of last affairs. As to the next planning today it is better to discuss not distant prospects, and the near future.
tomorrow Merkury, god of trade, is good aspektirovan (how precisely, very difficult to explain). Therefore tomorrow is favorable for trading operations and commerce as a whole. However the risk will be inappropriate, therefore as risky affairs will not pass. Count all to trifles.
Besides, not time for affairs which demand privacy.
Tomorrow is good for the decision of personnel questions. Favorably also to be arranged for new work, to go to the heads with the requirement to add the salary.
that who accepts medicines, it is necessary to refrain from this procedure. There is a danger of overdose or a poisoning. And with products be accurater, especially during the lunchtime. And alcohol to consume it is absolutely undesirable.
Evening is good for visiting of galleries, exhibitions and concerts.
ARIESES do not need to show initiatives.
TAURUSES have a danger to lose money.
TWINS with affairs will be helped by an internal voice.
CANCERS do not need to find out relations.
at Lvov day approaches for contacts.
it is better to MAIDENS to be engaged in a spadework.
SCALES should be in the public eye more.
at SCORPIONS all goes by itself.
SAGITTARIUSES will manage to impress favourably.
it is good to CAPRICORNS to solve personnel questions.
AQUARIUS should prosecute subjects of the finance.
it is better to FISHES to concentrate on routine work.