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Results 3 rounds of competition of Tchaikovsky

Konkursanty against musicians
  Results 3 rounds of competition of Tchaikovsky

Konkursanty against musicians

winners of Competition of Tchaikovsky
Are declared Having informed at yesterday`s night on the competition termination in three tool nominations, the jury obviously enjoyed enthusiastic squeals of public and own magnanimity - among eighteen winners appeared eight foreigners.

to pay off for scandals of last, anniversary competition where in three nominations there were no winners, present at least it was necessary to generate the complete set of winners and to find one, though bearing a faint resemblance Vana Kliberna. The formulation the people it is impossible to deprive of its idols it was materialised on the Eleventh in full conformity with the First. Klibern is necessary to us, the organising committee of competition has thought and has found Kliberna there where and it is necessary, - at pianists, New names and, certainly, in a class of professor Sergey Dorensky. What is.
now we know that our Kliberna call Denis Matsuev that under all standards Russian - the American dream it the native of remote places (Irkutsk). That, according to parametres of beauty contests, it is high, self-assured, sports, a few superman, thus is a little child. And it is more than anything also it is not necessary. On the third round Matsuev smartly otvirtuoznichal in Tchaikovsky First concerts and Sheet under State orchestra obviously accompanying it with even more obvious the accompanying Arnold Katz, has got a hall applause between parts, for as has received the first award.
to Doubt its victory meant to admit possibility that fathers Russian ispolnitelstva search in the children though for something distinct from. Alas, professors of conservatories graze children as priests flock, and God forbid someone to cause a stir not in that party. The most comprehensible list - in favour of virtuosity - has appeared is fraught only with the third award. Englishman Frederik Kempf awarded by it, under private forecasts, should receive the first. Those who waited for it, were posramleny, and rightly. Only the naive could expect a victory young (21 year) and the scrupulous musician, poeticheski Tchaikovsky and Third Rakhmaninov articulating the First concert. Therefore to the third award of Kempfa have added also the humanitarian help - Pushkin`s Complete works in Russian. Perhaps, after Russian studying the British boy will understand, how affairs in the homeland of Pushkin and Tchaikovsky become.
the owner of the second award Vadim Rudenko (Sergey Dorensky`s class) have cynically dragged in the ending, and then and in prize-winners, probably, in indemnification for unsuccessful performance at last competition. Stunting and naked tehnitsizm Rudenkos do not give in to the description, that is why we will congratulate him on not deserved place and we will wait for the next duet c same chajkovsko - dorenskim vtororazrjadnikom with H Competition - Nikolay Lugansky.
in a deal of piano winners it is swept up not only a failure of newly introduced system of ballot. The beaten rate on sterile virtuosos surprises for a long time. Sensation of this season in the West - the Canadian pianist Mark - Andre Amlen who does not hesitate intellectual and defiantly of romantic game. It is obvious that to winner Matsuevu another is foreordained absolutely, is sterile - a senseless path. Not clearly, what for to the competition opening in the first years of the life neither many nor few geniuses (we will remember John Ogdona, Grigory Sokolova), now to become the colonial supplier masterly - a technical material. Should be, such a material gives in to measurement in figures and points more conveniently.
Having said the spich to figures (which will not deceive), the chairman of violin jury Liana Isakadze did not hide the celebration over grouping of teachers of the Moscow conservatory. For the first time for long history of competition the finalist of the professor Irinas Bochkovoj (Alexander Trostjansky) has appeared only on the fifth place. Usually armour-piercing force Bochkovoj advanced its excellently cold pupils on the first places. The first award has got zhidenkomu to Nikolay Sachenko, the second - ambitiously false Latise Honda - Rosenberg (Germany), the third - hardy seventeen-year vunderkindshe Ichun Pan (China). The ending of violinists has forced to doubt conformity of winners - to the status of best of the best. But has shown efficiency of split as a part of jury.
perhaps, violoncellist Denis Shapovalov became the unique unconditional winner of XI International. I admit, opinions on its inevitable victory should be heard on musical and okolomuzykalnyh territories in November of last year. Admittedly, carefully appointed to separate fighting Karenu Hachaturjanu there was nothing to do in jury of violoncellists. Therefore he the first on final listenings exclaimed gallant also it was given slushatelskim to delights.
Now unless violoncellists can serve as a justificatory card of the competition, wished to return to the status, but refereeing again covered with mafia structure. Ideological pressure of Soviet period when he by all means should confirm advantages of Russian performing school has disappeared. But the place of one party discipline was occupied with interests of the different professorial clans which have transformed competition from international at all in All-Russia, and in rather provincial action. Having thought suddenly, the organising committee has decided to return to competition the state status, and it could occur, if results have not shown that has changed for the better nothing. Also will not change, while a trade konkursant remains the trade complete antithesis the musician .