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the Picture from an exhibition

the Picture from an exhibition

Among the first co-operators there was also a head of department the Businessman VALERY - DRANNIKOV, from the well-known reporter training for a new profession in the textile worker. Now to it is what to remember.

It was nice time. Thousand izmordovannyh a monkey business of engineers, poor science officers, jobless journalists and underground tsehovikov with reckless pleasure, courage and idiocy have rushed in this whirlpool of the released work. Possibility to prove as you want and to earn, how many you can, turned a head and grasped imagination. And though in the country all was accumulated to last nail, co-operative societies were multiplied with speed of division of an amoeba.
therefore already in half a year after the first decisions about creation of co-operative societies the Moscow Council has decided to hold an exhibition of their products. The party developed the next campaign, the Soviet power reported to party.
the huge pavilion of building technics on the Frunze quay in few days has turned to similarity of the Riga market. Samopalnye jackets, graceful to the first socks footwear, children`s suits and knitted jumpers, ware as if dug out of ancient barrows, and self-made computers caused the mixed feeling of delight and disgust. Delight because you of what all it has been made would know. Disgust because you as all it looked would know.
but we were proud of ourselves. Adults, beaten life people, as if boys from a circle Skilful hands bragged before each other of outstanding creations of mind and the hands. Still curly and timid Artem Tarasov dragged all to a co-operative society product Technics - to the computer with judicial programs, dreaming to equip with them a building of the Supreme court. Lenja Konovalov, the future short chairman of the Union of co-operators of Russia, with mad shine in eyes told, how it will do fantastic fertilizers of a tobacco dust. The first victualer of the country, elegant Andrjusha Feodors, fed us with refined dinners, well and I, the chairman of co-operative society the Symbol at knitting factory the Muscovite it is proud paced along the stand where on terrible dummies our jumpers with aljapistymi drawings and crazy cries hung: Only so - Spartak Football - melancholy without CSKA And I obstinately love the Dynamo . Also assured everything that a year or two from now Adidasu a cover. Turn of football fans for ours of a jumper in shop Spartak on Leninsk the prospectus, in my opinion, did not leave Adidasu any chances.
However, various ministers, chiefs of central boards, chairmen of district executive committees, under the order visiting an exhibition, listened to our grandiose plans with some mistrust and even impudent scepticism, but that to us was to ministers when in ragged cellars already turned ancient overloki, shoe hammers knocked and electronic schemes were soldered. Life is remarkable, companions ministers. Look at our spiritualised physiognomies - here it, a socialism with a human face.
and here at last on an exhibition our godfather and the midwife, the chairman of the commission on co-operative activity of the Moscow Council Yury Mihajlovich Luzhkov has come tearing along. Tomorrow there will arrive Yeltsin. Here it is sensation. Here it is party discipline. One week ago exposed of the Political bureau, it still remained the first secretary of the Moscow city town committee. And in plans of the secretary exhibition visiting in advance appeared. And party plans should be carried out.
three hours prior to visit of halls has carefully rummaged around the nine . Pressure accrued with each minute. Yeltsin was the man of the hour, and all of us sincerely sympathised with it. And display of our outstanding products wanted to cheer it up. A pier, you - that leave, but we - that remain. There was a desperate process of democratisation, and the first secretary, the chairman of the Moscow Council, them zamy and other have arrived to co-operators, as simple Muscovites to simple Muscovites. It was joyful to affection.
the responsible secretary of commission Sasha Panin has approached to me.
- listen, you all - taki the journalist. We fast will spend it on a hall, and then at once to your stand. Try razgovorit. And that at it mood terrible.
Sajkin has departed at once from Yeltsin and has alone gone to behold an exhibition. But Yury Mihajlovich did not move a step from the disgraced hero. I stood at the stand and painfully deliberated, as to me razgovorit gloomy Boris Nikolaevicha. And at all has not noticed, how it has appeared before me.
- and it is our co-operative society the Symbol - I have heard Luzhkov`s voice.
- a symbol of that? - Yeltsin has asked.
- a reorganisation symbol, Boris Nikolaevich. After all there will be no it, there would be no also co-operative societies. And you could not see that people of all for half a year if at them hands are untied can make. Co-operative societies, Boris Nikolaevich, - a light cavalry of the Soviet economy. We will be its avant-guard. Our problem - to reconnoiter, that wanted today by the Soviet person, to satisfy initial demand, to grasp base, and already for us the heavy artillery - the industry enters.
I with inspiration talked nonsense. Boris Nikolaevich attentively listened, and its severe person began a little rumjanitsja.
- Here look at our products. All over the world football fans when go on a match, put on in colours of a favorite team. It is them disciplines, they feel participation with each other. What, we are worse?
- we are not worse. At us football is worse, - Yeltsin has suddenly told. - and it that for a cat with the mouse?
- and it, Boris Nikolaevich, Mikki the Mouse and our cat Leopold. See, Mikki the Mouse is dressed in colours of the American flag, and our Leopold carries a red bow with a sickle and a hammer. And an inscription: Children, let`s live in peace and friendship .
It is correct. With America, you understand, it is necessary to be on friendly terms. - and suddenly, unexpectedly. - and what margin you pay to trade?
- eleven percent.
- how many?
His face has suddenly flushed, it was inclined by a block over the thin woman, head of the Moscow trade, and under the hall arches mighty roar has roared:
is a gangsterism. Who to you has allowed to gather co-operators? They - the country future. And you them on the world. I will not allow! That from tomorrow for co-operative societies have entered three percent.
is not I has solved, Boris Nikolaevich. It is the Moscow Council, - chapter of trade has begun to babble.
- I have told - three percent. And a point. - it has again turned to the stand. - and the mouse with a cat nice. It is correct. It is necessary to be on friendly terms with America.
has then stretched me the lapishchu and has smiled:
- Well, a reorganisation symbol, develop. Co-operators, you understand, we will support. I promise it.
we have strong shaken each other hands and have dispersed. For ever.
... Last year the Moscow mayor has decided to note decade of the first co-operative societies solemnly. Any miracle employees of the mayoralty have found for first ten. By miracle, because anybody from us was not engaged for a long time already in co-operative activity. Everything, but only not co-operative societies. And this word was forgot instantly and, apparently, for ever.
the Huge hall of the Kremlin palace has been hammered to the full. In it directors aktsionirovannyh factories and factories, the bigwig of business, officials of prefectures, their wives and children sat. Us have in single file deduced to a hall, the happy mayor has quickly shaken to us hands and has gone to a stage to speak about great achievements of small business of Moscow.
but it already other history. Of us have silently asked to quit the stage.