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has not noticed Nikolay`s Failure

Nikolay`s Failure has not noticed

the Car of Nikolaev, three cars of protection and an escort moved yesterday from Pulkovo airport to city centre across Moskovsky prospectus. Near to metro station Victory Park escort cars have got to road accident. Its reason is not established yet, but most likely failure has occurred from - for the repair work conducted on a site of Moskovsky prospectus: the part of a road cloth is filled in by bitumen. Under stories of eyewitnesses, driver Mercedes - 600 in which there was Nikolaev, at a crossroads has sharply braked and has stopped. Following it eskortnyj Opel Omega also has managed to brake, however the off-road car ran into it with protection. And Opel from it has slightly touched the car of Nikolaev. In failure also have suffered the car of Jeep Grand Cherokee of Petersburg TV reporter Alexander Borisoglebsky which accompanied Nikolaev, and the Zhiguli VAZ - 2106 which driver has received physical injuries. More nobody has suffered. Nikolaev answered yesterday questions on road accident: No failure existed .