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Ford`s retrospective show

Hollywood Ford more naturally, than Hollywood Spielberg
  Ford`s Retrospective show

Hollywood Ford more naturally, than Hollywood Spielberg

Within the limits of the Petersburg Festival of festivals there has passed a retrospective show of films of John Ford, one of three - along with Griffitom and Orsonom Wells - titans of classical American cinema.

to Deny Ford`s role in formation of a world cinema the Soviet ideologists have not dared in due time even - as in an active of the director was progressive the social film novel anger Clusters . But Ford for us ruthlessly cut down: It was known basically as the founder well-known the Stagecoach (1939), let out in hire under the name Travel will be dangerous . This picture has begun classics of a western and Ford`s creative union with actor John Wayne.
the union has arisen, however, much earlier when Ford has paid attention to the guy - the worker from a film studio Fox also has made friends with it. They were amicable to the death (Ford has died in 1973 - m, Wayne - in 1979), and in 1956 - m have made Selectors - a film - peak of a great epoch of a western. This picture nowadays confidently entering into ten of film masterpieces of all times and the people, has transformed courageous, silent Wayne into an icon of world cinema. This picture could not be seen in our country for even in the homeland of Ford many considered its racist.
in a question about racism Ford the researcher of its creativity Teg Gallaher who has brought a retrospective show in Peter has cleared up. John Ford, the Irish by origin, bore in itself genes of militant Catholicism and felt itself as minority from a ghetto in dominating culture of the Yankee, or BASPov - white English - Saxon Protestants. Ford`s world is the world of the outsider which, even winning and confirming the power, remains fatally lonely.
Ford and Wayne`s hero from Selectors battled for southerners and has lost, but though civil war is considered finished, it continues the personal war. The occasion to it is there and then: komanchi kill the his sister and abduct the niece. The newly appeared crusader devotes years to searches of the girl and even is ready to kill her, seeing that it has got accustomed in an American Indian tribe. When it nevertheless returns the captive in a bosom of a white civilisation, establishes the world and happiness in related to it to a family, to it does not remain places at a home. Lonely and restless, he leaves the house and again leaves on a war track.
war does not deliver it pleasure, and the violence brings moral sufferings. Only insane persons and fools enjoy revenge. However Ford and Wayne`s hero stoically bears on itself burden of mission of the white person. Its debt - to establish the law, to be the intermediary for intolerant, to reunite families. And at the same time this hero, as well as Ford, intolerance will most of all wound, torments that traditions cementing a society conduct to prosecution of far-outers, to exasperation and violence chain reaction.
it is amazingly interesting to observe of these contradictions of the American soul today, during an epoch of a celebration of liberalism and political correctness. If to this day to Ford cannot forgive conservatism socially - an ethical position John Wayne supported McCarthyism and considering war in Vietnam as the personal crusade, has become history the double-dyed reactionary. Meanwhile the actor was three times married to women with an impurity of the Latin American blood.
display Selectors became the central event fordovskoj retrospective shows: Americans specially have for this purpose made a new copy, and spectators had possibility to estimate greatness of one of the first colour westerns, where possibilities tehnikolora by tremendous image are imposed on mystical beauty of landscapes of the American West. Ford has removed nine of uncountable set of the pictures here, in the Monumental valley, on border of Utah and Arizona which have nicknamed in Hollywood Ford`s country and in which by a private rule other directors were not accepted.
has put, however, not in colour and at all in the technician. Removed six years prior to Selectors it is black - Ford`s white film the Carriage master is much more modest in the production plan. But also it is full of charm naturalnosti - the main quality which distinguishes Ford`s westerns from the subsequent imitations and stylisations. Here all present: rocks, sand, snow, dogs and horses, Indians and white immigrants (the last actors, of course, play, but also they look absolutely differently in this atmosphere). Art of stuntmen here is directed not on showing impossible tricks in life, and opposite - to convince of authenticity of an event. Here on - to the present fall from horses and wallow in snow, the whole cavalcades cross the deep rivers and, apparently, on - to the present shoot and kill, though Ford has never abused demonstration of blood and dead bodies.
the Modern Hollywood cinema is able much. It does sickeningly authentic violence, and it is capable materializovyvat the most freakish imaginations - from dinosaurs to virtual demons. However computerised production of present Hollywood as differs from Ford`s primitive film frescos, as synthetic caviar from the present.