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The Chechen Republic

the Chechen Republic prepares for war
  the Chechen Republic

the Chechen Republic prepares for war

Conditions in the Chechen Republic after introduction of state of emergency remind the military more and more. And struggle contrary to assurances of the authorities is conducted not so much with criminals, how many with rebels. On Monday evening Aslan Maskhadov for the first time from the moment of the election as the head of Ichkeria again has dressed the military form.

Acting yesterday on republican television, Maskhadov has urged the nation to rally round a management of the Chechen Republic and to combat with kidnappers and oil and narcobusinessmen all accessible methods . Methods, probably, are assumed the most rigid, as as the president was expressed, to criminals there will be no place on the Chechen earth . Yesterday Maskhadov has translated on barracks position all republican ministries and departments, including the administration and a press - service.
the president who has personally headed a republican staff on state of emergency, round the clock is in the residence in Hankale. Here on Tuesday has passed the first session of a staff under the chairmanship of Maskhadov. By words a press - the secretary of president Majrbeka Vachagaeva, Maskhadov personally makes plans of operations and traces their performance. However the outcome of these operations, most likely, will depend on, whether the former field commanders will support Maskhadov. Anyway, the president has made the rate on the fighters who have passed military tests which are capable to finish criminality, if them to mobilise for this purpose .
Which - whom Maskhadov already has mobilised having made some personnel shifts in the nearest environment: since yesterday the Presidential Administration is headed by the active participant of war, the brigade general Apti Batalov supervising till December, 1997 service of national safety, and by the commander of presidential guards Iljas Talhadov as whom consider as the person of the president is appointed. And in the near future, according to Vachagaeva, it is necessary to expect new dismissals .
Maskhadov and its environment on - former persistently deny hearings about military coup d`etat threat in the Chechen Republic and insist that state of emergency is not connected with activization of supporters of Salmana Raduev and recent capture groznenskogo a television centre. It seems that however that for 20 days during which Maskhadov has promised to break kriminogennuju a situation the president of the Chechen Republic assumes to win a blitz - krig against Raduev. And a definitive point in preparation for decisive battle it is possible to name the yesterday`s decision Supreme shariatskogo vessels of the Chechen Republic about prohibition of self-court because of blood feud and punishment guilty of this kind of a crime the death penalty. In translation into Russian this decision can mean only one: Maskhadov`s readiness to give the order to shoot on the opponent.