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writes Rostovchane will not speak with militiamen without the lawyer
  About what the regional press

Rostovchane will not speak with militiamen without the lawyer

Inhabitants of Railway area of Rostov-on-Don will build now relations with militia under the European standards. The legal consultation which has opened there has offered clients user`s system of service, the newspaper " informs; City N . Caught on a scene of crime, not to mention unfairly suspected fair citizens, can is proud to say a sacramental phrase: I will not speak without my lawyer .

User`s service widespread in Europe and the USA, however in Russia its introduction only is planned. Thus, in Rostov have anticipated one of positions of the future law on legal profession. The decision on opening of legal consultation of a nonconventional set of services was accepted presidium of the Rostov Bar with assistance of a regional and city management.
the system of user`s service assumes that the lawyer becomes something like the family doctor. In case of disagreements with law enforcement bodies the client of legal consultation can cause at any time to the place of event of the lawyer. And it is not important, whether the client has broken glass in a trolley bus, has plundered savings bank or has forgotten houses the passport. Till now the similar situation was familiar to the Russian citizens only on foreign detectives and films, writes City N .
the Price of user`s service will be established under the agreement of parties and, on assurances of a management of consultation, will be quite accessible to people of an average prosperity. For conducting concrete affairs will take an additional payment depending on complexity. Consultation intends to render services and needy. As Edward Shaposhnikov managing consultation, " has declared to the correspondent of the newspaper; we cannot refuse to the grandmother who has addressed to us and money from it we do not take . Heads of area and a city have very much become interested in social prospects of the new project, informs City N .