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Galina Brezhnev
  Galina Brezhnev

Galina Brezhnev

Yesterday in one of the Moscow hospitals from a stroke Galina Brezhnev has died. She was 69 years old. Years after death of the father Galina Brezhnev has spent is closed. She lived in the Moscow apartment with daughter Victoria and grand daughter Galina.

As the daughter of the secretary general Galina Brezhnev in 60 - 70 - e was years an embodiment of the Soviet gilt youth.
There was time when all country spoke about matrimonial stories of the daughter of the secretary general. Among her husbands were also the Leningrad drummer (it became the father of its unique daughter Victoria), and even a Gipsy baron. And from the last husband, the former deputy minister of internal affairs of the USSR Yury Churbanovym Galina Brezhnev has divorced, without waiting, when it will return from prison. Since then Galina Brezhnev did not enter official marriage. And when in 70 - e years she has suddenly married Igor Kio, her father has told: Only conjurers us in a family did not suffice! . A newly-married couple have dissolved literally in few days.
the daughter of the secretary general has begun the career in 60 - e years in NPA. In those days the television service which was headed by Brezhnev Bolshakov`s former adviser has just been created. Ekaterina Furtsevoj`s daughter with whom Galina was on friendly terms In the same place worked. Colleagues remember that for five years of work in NPA Galina Brezhnev anything has not shown itself, behaved frostily enough and modestly. Old residents of NPA remember till now that from - for the high growth on work it went in expensive magnificent slippers.
after NPA Galina Brezhnev worked in archival management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the rank of the adviser of the envoy, but then and therefrom has left.
all who her knew, say that Galina Brezhnev always loved beautiful life, the noisy companies, it was widely known for the excentric character, matrimonial stories and quite good health. Though in 70 - e years also treated it in Kremlevke from alcoholism, she continued to drink.
last place of work of Galina Brezhnevoj was the Moscow State University. But the academic career of the daughter of the secretary general too is not has gone right, and it has finished a course of life the modest housewife. Though after death of the father it as the successor, lived comfortably. Two years ago has bought a new summer residence in Odintsovo where left for the summer. Almost with anybody did not communicate, except the near relations.