Rus News Journal

For that do you wait from forthcoming week?

Valery Radaev, the secretary of the Saratov regional political council of party an United Russia :
- on May, 9th - a national holiday. This day always will be for us to relatives as it is connected with destinies of almost each family. And I am going to spend it with our expensive veterans of the Great Patriotic War in Victory park on a grief Sokolovoj and on the area of a name Chernyshevsky - to treat with front porridge, to listen to songs of military years and the most important thing, to communicate to them.

Leonid Hajmovich, the chairman of committee housing - a municipal complex of administration of Astrakhan:
- next week our collective will congratulate all veterans on a holiday of a great Victory, will wish them health. Besides, next week it is planned a number of meetings with the tenants creating TSZH or direct management by the houses where we will render to people all necessary help in the organisation. Now also there passes check the budget documentation for reception of financial assets from the federal budget for repair of the Astrakhan available housing. I wait for a direction of these documents to Moscow.

Yury Zhelonkin, vitse - the mayor of Volgograd:
- the Primary goal now to spend celebrating of a Victory Day and to provide to the population public safety. In a city for it I answer. Therefore all these days - 7, 8, on May, 9th we will work. Besides, one more serious action - 15 - letie the Volgograd diocese is expected. Therefore I wait that the next week will pass adequately for our city.

Tatyana Kuznetsova, the chairman of election committee of Volgograd:
- First of all I wait for Victory Day celebrating. This day to me is expensive, svjat, because my parents (unfortunately, they are not present with us) - participants of the Second World War, and the father - the participant of Stalingradsky fight. On May, 9th is a daddy`s holiday and a holiday of those heroes which have defended a victory. And in the business plan next week I am am waited by work, work and once again work for the blessing ogranov local government.

Andrey Gorbanov, the chairman of the board of the Russian union of veterans of Afghanistan, the deputy of a municipal duma of Volgograd:
- From the next week I wait for heat and very much I hope that in a city at last - taki there will come stability. Besides, next week my son and the nephew will have birthdays, together which all of us will mark beyond Volga.

Michael Volkov, the head of administration of the Volga area of Saratov:
- From the next week I wait huge positive emotionally - power gymnastics, after all these May days we celebrate a Victory Day - for me it is a sacred holiday. Kind meetings with veterans and their families are necessary many - these light moments enrich soul with heat and wisdom. And during week-end I can stay with the family, favourite daughters, the wife, parents. Recently it is possible infrequently, but there are such holidays which we always mark together - both for me, and for my relatives it is a happiness ray.

Igor Lukash, the director of Open Company ALIG :
- next week I wait for warming in the street - it would be desirable, that for May, 9th there was a good weather. And still I wait for the information on destiny of the Volgograd authorities, life and work of all city depends on it, and us including. It would be desirable, that holidays have ended faster, and we have started to work.

Sergey Panferov, the general director of a group of companies the Mark :
- usually during week-end we all family have a rest on a summer residence. House fuss in a garden, and I go on coast of Volga on fishing. The pleasure this improbable - in silence to sit with a fishing tackle, to admire the Volga open spaces, and then to bring a bucket of fish and personally to prepare from it country delicacies . And right after holidays there will be an important event in life of our company - there comes delegation MaZa, and we confirm the dilerstvo in region.