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The corruption national project

In Kursk develops the scandal connected with formation of the list of participants of the national project agrarian and industrial complex Development . At the session of the regional Duma which have taken place in the end of April, deputies have voted for the regional government offer to generate a pool of addressees of the state means provided by the national project on an out-of-competition basis. Yesterday the owner Agroholding oppositionist Alexander Chetverikov has declared that will oppose formations of the list of participants of the national project without competition, as among them - the firms close to regional officials. As the deputy of the Kursk regional Duma, one of leaders of regional branch of the Russian party of life Alexander Chetverikov owning a group of companies " has declared yesterday; Agroholding (is engaged in poultry farming, svinovodstvom, manufacture and realisation zernoproduktov and mixed fodders; an annual turnover - 3,6 mlrd roubles. - ), it will oppose distributions of the federal funds provided by the national project agrarian and industrial complex Development on an out-of-competition basis. As mister Chetverikov, without competition real business " is convinced; loses the access mechanism to the national project and it from the national turns in corruption .

the Statement of mister Chetverikova became continuation of the scandal which has inflamed at session of regional Duma on April, 27th. The vice-president of the regional government Alexander Dyomin has suggested deputies to make changes to the regional law About investment activity on which the regional government acquires the right to define participants of the national project agrarian and industrial complex Development without competition carrying out. Mister Dyomin recognised discrepancy of amendments to the federal legislation, but has explained necessity of their acceptance by economic feasibility - the Kursk area has not time to submit to the Ministry of Agriculture the demand for reception of the federal grants provided by the national project under building of cattle-breeding complexes (from the state budget two thirds of interest rate under credits for the term up to eight years will be compensated). Against entering of such amendments Alexander Chetverikov has categorically acted. In the preliminary list of the participants who have been already selected by the regional government, there was no it Agroholding realising the most scale in region the agrarian project, which ultimate goal - cultivation annually 1 million goals of pigs (the first stage on 180 thousand goals is already realised).

Yesterday a press - the secretary of regional Duma Poured Kryzhinevsky on behalf of speaker Alexander Kichigina has informed that Agroholding it is entered in the list participants of the national project. However, as mister Chetverikov has assured, project inclusion Agroholding in agrarian and industrial complex Development will not change its position. He is convinced that the power uses the powers in the mercenary purposes and federal funds under the national project will leave to the . As have informed in Agroholding the preliminary list of participants of the national project included following enterprises: an economy Pselsky which ostensibly supervises the vice-president of the regional government Alexey Zolotaryov, Open Company warm - Avant-guard of M ostensibly under control to Alexey Zolotaryov Maxim`s brother, an economy Hope (affilirovano, possibly, with the chairman of committee of road building of the regional government Alexander Polinym), an agroindustrial alliance the South were vitse - a premiere of Ukraine Vladimir Semenozhenko who is the classmate of regional prime minister Alexander Zubarev. At the same time, as businessman Chetverikov confirms, at present any of the enterprises of Kursk area which can really realise scale cattle-breeding projects, is not brought in beskonkursnyj the list.

the chairman of the regional government Alexander Zubarev has disagreed yesterday with charges of mister Chetverikova. As it has explained, is primary svinoproekt Agroholding has been confirmed for inclusion in the national project, but then it was necessary to return it on completion for reduction in conformity with requirements of banks and the Ministry of Agriculture. For today as mister Zubarev has assured, all demands submitted landowners, are accepted. The regional prime minister considers that Alexander Chetverikov through a policy wants to advance the business, and it is necessary to be engaged both that, and another in parallel, instead of in crossing . Mister Zubarev has noticed what to speak about a number of participants of the national project as affilirovannyh with regional officials persons wrongfully. As he said, Alexey Zolotaryov earlier heading Belovsky area, last year has started the pig-breeding project, and then governor Alexander Mihajlov has appointed it to a present post.

according to local political scientist Vladimir Slatinova, a situation with occurrence Agroholding in the national project shows that in region the classical model " is built; chinovnogo capitalism . As the analyst considers, the regional Duma in such model plays a role privodnogo a belt in advancement of interests of the governor and oblpravite lstva which have gone counter with commercial interests Agroholding . In the circumstances, as mister Slatinov believes, Alexander Chetverikov who intended to act earlier in a role of moderate opposition, toughens the criticism and further can become the most serious opponent of the provincial authorities.