Rus News Journal

The world invites on May, 6th

06. 05 08. 05 Festival of roses Altera Rosa in Avignon (France). At this festival annually represent 30 new grades of roses, and also already known and popular grades. The Avignon Papal palace in which territory takes place this beautiful action, plunges into delicate aromas of fine colours. In the festival program also conferences with participation of leading flower growers, exhibitions.
06. 05 08. 05 a holiday of roses in Grasse (France). Inhabitants of Grasse do not want to lag behind from avinontsev and offer the holiday in honour of a rose. Within the limits of festival will pass competition on the most beautiful and fragrant rose in which flower growers from the different countries of the world take part. The festival urged to note also value of this fine flower for the perfumery industry to that a number of exhibitions in museums and a city cathedral is devoted. A number of other actions passes in streets and in city parks.

05. 05 13. 05 the Film festival in Santa - Krus (the State of California, the USA). In the program of festival display more than 100 films of independent directors and film studios, an exhibition, educational forums. This year the University of California with which support here will take place symposiums will take part in the festival organisation and films about digital cinema and new mass-media will be presented. To watch new films it is possible in Delmar Theater.

05. 05 14. 05 Jazz festival in Castries (Sent - Ljusija). Atmosphere of tropical island as well as possible approaches festival of jazz music. The basic events pass Pigeon Island in which is available two fine beaches in territory of natural park. In the program of festival the concerts, the dramatized representations, exhibitions of souvenirs and craft products. Besides, separate (free) concert Jazz on the Square will pass in the Castries.

05. 05 08. 05 festival korotkometrazhek in cities of France. Participants of this festival should present films (art, animation and video) length no more than three minutes, that is to have time to state in this time an essence of the matter. The most original works receive prizes, the opinion of spectators is thus considered. Rewarding ceremony will take place on May, 8th. The festival passes in cinemas of the largest cities of France.