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In Germany, despite fierce resistance of representatives of Rimsko - Catholic church, channel MTV has shown the first series of a satirical cartoon film Papagrad (Popetown) manufactures British BBC. It describes misadventures of goodhearted father Nikolay in relations with the pontifex who is represented by the disgusting and infantile type surrounded with greedy cardinals. Papagrad invariably caused indignation of representatives of Catholic church in all countries where went on the air, from Canada to New Zealand.
in Great Britain TV channel BBC 3 in 2004 has cancelled serial display, having received more than 6 thousand protests from spectators. German MTV only has added fuel to the fire, having begun a cartoon film advertising campaign just on the eve of Easter. In a press there were the pictures representing an empty cross and the laughing Jesus Christ in front of the TV, under a slogan Than to hang about, to laugh " better;. The archbishop of Munich has directed on MTV the letter with the requirement to cancel cartoon serial demonstration. On MTV have made decision at first to show only one of ten series, having arranged after it discussion on the air with participation of representatives of religious associations, media analysts, politicians and German bottoms - stars, and to estimate reaction of spectators.

the Munich archbishop has brought an action, demanding to forbid display of a cartoon film and to withdraw a cartoon serial print advertising. thus the Catholic belief and Catholic church are exposed to derision which cannot be justified freedom of opinion of art, the press or television - it is told in the diocese statement. However all some hours prior to appointed time of broadcast the ground court of Munich has rejected the diocese claim. Meanwhile the prime minister - the minister of Bavaria Edmund Shtojber declared intention to call mezhkonfessionalnuju conference with participation of spiritual leaders of Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Moslems to discuss plans strengthenings of legislative protection of Christian symbols .

Kusturitsa and Elinek have opposed censorships in France
Group of the European art workers, including the Serbian director Emir Kusturitsa and the Austrian writer Elfriede Jelinek, the Nobel winner, have published the collective letter in which have expressed the indignation of that a theatre management Komedi Fransez has cancelled display on the scene of the play of Austrian Peter Handke, having learnt that last was present on funeral of the former Serbian leader of Slobadan Milosevic. The play Travel to the sound country, or question Art should go on a theatre scene Ve Kolombe a part Komedi Fransez since 2007. However after in a press there was an information that 63 - summer Peter Handke was on funeral of Slobadan Milosevic, the head Komedi Fransez Marseilles Bozonne has made decision to exclude the play from the program, having considered an act of mister Handke an insult of victims a mode of Slobadan Milosevic. According to authors of the letter, this decision of a management Komedi Fransez testifies about restoration in France censorships . In this case it is unimportant, the rights it (Peter Handke. - ) was or not, making of the decision there (on funeral of Slobadan Milosevic. - ) to be present. A question in, whether enough this act to revive in France such form of censorship when will give permissions loyal citizens - it is told in the letter signed besides above-stated Austrian by director Michael Haneke and writers by Robert Menasse and Paulem Nizonom. Peter Handke`s work in the text is named considerable and surprisingly original .