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Affairs at us go better, than at a city as a whole

the Chief executive Leipzig art - the centre SHpineraj BERTRAM SCHULTZ has answered questions.
- when SHpineraj has ceased to exist as hlopkoprjadilnoe manufacture?

- it is definitive in 2000. After that the factory has been exposed on sale and bought by group of three friendly us of investors. By then artists have already mastered a part loftov under studios and a development way SHpineraj as art - the centre to us it was clear. Moving on " became a reference point; SHpineraj galleries Eigen+art, proisshedshy one year ago. The international wave of a fashion on artists of the Leipzig school of painting became the important factor of development of the centre.

- what interests of new proprietors of factory is a more developer project or the project in the field of art?

- Interests at three owners different - someone gravitates more to art, and someone to pure business, but us is possible to combine these interests.

- how many now tenants at SHpineraj and what rent?

- Now we conduct about 350 contracts on the area in the size from 20 to 4000 metres. The rent is various for different categories of tenants and on the average makes nearby 3 for metre a month.

- city administration as - that helps art - to the centre?

- does not help, but also does not disturb. We are the private enterprise existing on private money, and we do not apply for any help as affairs at us go much better, than at a city as a whole.

- what main danger for SHpineraj ?

- to Lose level art - programs. It will be better here than less galleries, but quality of shown art will remain. We often should speak is not present to potential tenants if we doubt that they do.

- that for you the Russian project means?

- Russian art now represents very perspective trend on world art - the market - it seems to me that occurrence of Russian gallery simultaneously with the advent of gallery from New York will give SHpineraj new dynamics.