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The boy and the hooligan

in the well-known casino MGM Grand in Las - Vegase will take place Today one of the central fights of year in professional boxing. For a title of world champion WBC in a category to 69 kg two most popular which have not left nearly from sports will battle srednevesa - Oscar de la Hojja and Rikardo Majorga.
This fight causes enormous interest. Today on this indicator champion fights of heavyweights cannot be compared to it even. On a ring in Las - Vegase will converge not simply two outstanding and favourite by America the boxer, and two absolute antipodes.

Oscar de la Hojja and Rikardo Majorga - contrasts each other in all. At them absolutely different style. 32 - summer Majorgu, probably, have in vain nicknamed the Matador. The matador after all tries to evade first of all from a furious bull. And Majorga, on the contrary, always itself as if the bull, rushes on the contender, aspiring to destroy it faster. As a result all its fights: And won, as with Andrew Lewis or Vernon Forrest, and lost as from Kori Spinksom, - turn out fascinating, present hits. 33 - summer de la Hojja is more careful on a ring. But also it in general - that not from those boxers, whose fights happen boring. And de la Hojja achieved outstanding victories thanks to the style even more often, than Majorga.

At them absolutely different characters and different images. de la to Hoji its nickname the Gold Boy just corresponds to image completely: it is polite, smiling, politically correct. It is loved even by the housewives seeing in the person de la Hoji a live refutation of the thesis that the boxing by all means associates with roughness.

Majorga is the person about whom sometimes speak as about the most scandalous person in professional boxing. It humiliates contenders. It all time gets to the bad stories threatening by judicial proceedings. But nikaraguantsa for it, actually, also adore.

Latest scandal with participation of Majorgi has been connected directly with its fight against de la Hoji. On Wednesday he has suddenly demanded to increase the fee from the stipulated $2 million to $8 million and has told that otherwise will refuse battle. How the promoter to Don to King managed to dissuade Majorgu from strike, it is not known, but after days it, fortunately, has changed the mind.

there is only one circumstance which is making related of two today`s contenders. De la Hojja did not fight more half a year - after defeat from Bernard Hopkins. Many thought that it has already finished career. Majorga too wanted it to finish - after defeat from Felix Trinidada who has happened soon after failure de la Hoji with Hopkins. But has changed the mind and has spent a duel against Italian Mikele Pichchirillo, having returned itself a champion belt. Both say that anyway hardly will act still for a long time. Also it is the second besides dissimilarity of styles and images the reason on which today`s fight causes such agiotage. And suddenly Oscar de la and Rikardo Majorgu cannot be seen Hojju on a ring any more?