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“ the East “ - business thin

As became known „“, Permenergo has addressed in arbitration court of Sverdlovsk area with the claim to “ the Power marketing company “ the East “ and corporations “ VSMPO - Avisma “. Perm power assert that “ the East “ has run into debt them 33 million roubles for the rendered services in electric power transfer to titanic industrial complex. In “ VSMPO - Avisme “ actions Perm energetikov regard as the answer to cooperation of corporation with other supplier of the electric power. As the first deputy of general director Permenergo Igor Shershakov, for the first quarter of this year " has explained „“; the East “ has not paid company services for transfer of the electric power for “ Avismy “ (enters in VSMPO - Avisma) through tyres of generators of belonging Permenergo of Bereznikovsky thermal power station - 2 (renders services in generating pressure). Thus, by an estimation energetikov, a debt “ The east “ for three months has made 33 million rbl. Titanic corporation as have explained in Permenergo, they have made answerable for secure. “ we understand that the sum of requirements is considerable. There are fears that at the decision in our advantage “East“ can have complexities with payment, therefore have involved “Avismu“ “ - Igor Shershakov has explained.

we Will remind, this year corporation “ VSMPO - Avisma “ has replaced the supplier of the electric power, having refused services of Permenergo and having concluded the contract with the Moscow power marketing company “ the East “. In such a way metkombinat planned to contain growth of the cost price of magnesium in which the electric power share makes about third (a management “ Avismy “ time and again declared that tariffs of Permenergo are overestimated). As have told at industrial complex, in 2005 80 % of the electric power to the enterprise delivered Open Society “ the Perm power marketing company “ (PESK), other part was got in the free market of the electric power. To change of the supplier in PESK have reacted negatively, having declared that will receive less gains nearby 1,2 mlrd roubles (“ Avisma “ consumes 8,2 % of all electric power on the Perm area. - „“). In PESK very much hoped that the decision of metallurgists will change. But the management of titanic corporation admitted that “ the East “ has offered conditions on payment “ approximately on 10 % it is better “.

“ Probably, Permenergo was not pleasant that we have left from them. Here they also try to return in such a way us back “ - the director " has explained claims Perm energetikov; VSMPO - Avismy “ on legal questions and public relations of Artem Kislichenko. He was surprised that the declared principle of the free market and the admission of independent operators is not carried out. “ like last year about all would agree: for this volume “ The east “ will not pay. And now “Permenergo“ renews the contract and demands to pay in addition “ - mister Kislichenko has noted. In its opinion, “ the East “ should not pay for transportation of energy which from generator tyres goes at once on accepting devices “ Avismy “ and practically does not use thus a network of Permenergo.

However, according to Igor Shershakova, the tariff pays off proceeding from all volume of the electric power, and to divide deliveries how offers “ Avisma “ incorrectly.

however, in Permenergo recognise - there are no the accurate rules regulating this question. “ we have included payment of generating pressure in the tariff. But in statutory acts it is not registered precisely, the marketing company should pay these services or not. As a result we had dropping out incomes which we cannot admit. Yes, it is protection. Can be at other model tarifoobrazovanija the corresponding contract and would not consist “ - Igor Shershakov has explained.

In the company “ the East “ comment on a situation yesterday could not.

Anastas KOSTIN, Perm