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Water-lilies Monet will appear in new light
on May, 17th in Paris after six-year reconstruction the well-known museum Orangerie in which panoramic cloths Monet, Cezanne, Renoir, Russo, Matisse, Modigliani, Picasso take place will open. During reconstruction which has managed in 30 million, access of a daylight to that hall where there is a well-known cloth " has been provided; Water-lilies Claude Monet. The artist has transferred Water-lilies France in 1918 as the will when the artist has already started to lose sight. They were created specially taking into account the oval form of halls of museum Orangerie and counting upon a daylight falling on pictures through a glass ceiling. In 1927 visitors Orangerie have seen for the first time Water-lilies . In 1960 the museum had a second floor, from - for what halls with Water-lilies remained without natural illumination that has deprived of their former charm. In 2000 the museum has been closed on the next reconstruction. It proceeded for two years longer planned, but Water-lilies again were issued. One of the architects participating in reconstruction of a museum, Olivier Broshe has noticed that the main thing for them was to inform light to ` Water-lilies `. These pictures so are close to the nature, weather and time that it was simple a crime to block to them light access .