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the Office of Public Prosecutor has given dressing down to ministers
DURA LEX the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation demands from Minister of Education and Science Andrey Fursenko and Minister of health and social development Michael Zurabova to put things in order at schools.

In the representation directed zamgenprokurora by Sergey Fridinsky addressed to head Minobrnauki, it is noticed that the principle fixed in the Constitution besplatnosti the basic general education practically it is everywhere broken . According to Office of Public Prosecutor, it is shown that from parents demand entering of so-called entrance fees at reception of children in educational institutions, donations for various needs of establishment, including financed of the budget, the charitable help. As they say in representation, contrary to the law About charities such gathering frequently have compulsory character. Between educational institutions and parents of pupils the contracts obliging the parent to help to educational institution in the form of monetary payments, and also in the form of property " consist; - the State Office of Public Prosecutor specifies. Besides, it has been revealed that contrary to the law charters of educational institutions often join positions about carrying out of reception tests, deduction of pupils, imposing on them of summary punishments. And in the representation directed addressed to head Minzdravsotsrazvitija, the State Office of Public Prosecutor demands to take measures to elimination of infringements of the legislation on health services of children in educational institutions. In particular, according to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, more than in half of regions at schools there are no medical offices and if are available are not completed by the special furniture, corresponding technics, the devices, necessary preparations, qualified personnel .

ABOVE Tax amnesty has come to the State Duma the Russian government has submitted for consideration the State Dumas the bill About the simplified order of declaring of incomes physical persons .

As it is marked in the government explanatory note, under condition of entering deklaratsionnogo payment of the physical person will have the right during the period from an effective date of the law and till April, 1st, 2007 in the simplified order to declare the incomes which are received by them till January, 1st, 2005 and subject to the taxation in Russia. For declaring of incomes in the simplified order physical persons should personally or through representatives them citizens to present to tax department in a residence the special declaration on incomes, the form and which order of filling affirm the Ministry of Finance. To spetsdeklaratsii about incomes the copy of the settlement document on transfer deklaratsionnogo payment should be applied. The physical persons who do not have residences in the Russian Federation, can represent spetsdeklaratsiju about incomes to the tax department defined by federal enforcement authority, authorised on control and supervision in the field of taxes and tax collections. The sum deklaratsionnogo payment at a rate of 13 % of the sum of the income specified in the special declaration on incomes, physical persons should count independently. After reception spetsdeklaratsii about incomes and certificates on entering of payment the tax department in five-day term should grant to the citizen the certificate on declaring of incomes in the simplified order. According to the bill, delivery by tax specialists of certificates on declaring of incomes in the simplified order comes to the end on June, 30th, 2007. The physical persons who declared incomes in the simplified order and have listed deklaratsionnyj payment, are considered fulfilled the duties on payment of the tax to incomes of physical persons (surtax) concerning the declared sums. According to the bill, the information containing in spetsdeklaratsii about incomes, cannot be used by tax specialists for control of payments of tax bearers.

as you have changed (your family) monthly expenses on acquisition of products and the goods of daily demand in comparison with what you (your family) spent one year ago? (%)
have essentially grown 47
have insignificantly grown 28
Remained without changes 19
have insignificantly decreased 2
have essentially decreased 2
I Find it difficult to answer 2

ROMIR Monitoring, 1600 respondents, April, 2006.

BLACK PAGES the Russian Federation has defended the status of the infringer of the rights of intelligence the USA have left Russia in the list of the countries priority supervision in connection with infringements of intellectual property rights .

the Head of Federal Agency of intellectual property, patents and trade marks (Rospatent) Boris Simonov has regarded this result as good luck as the decision was accepted in not to the best atmosphere for Russia and trading department of the USA could toughen a situation assessment in the Russian Federation. In particular, representatives of the USA declared that Russia poses for them the second threat after China in sphere of infringement of the intellectual rights. According to mister Simonov, the Russian delegation has brought the entire account from which, in particular, follows to Washington that manufacture of counterfeit audiovisual production on optical carriers in 2005 in Russia made from 224 million to 243 million pieces (about 68 % of total amount of the market). In comparison with 2004 this indicator has decreased approximately on 7 %. We have shown dynamics of improvement and have explained its reasons, - the head of Rospatent has informed. - they have agreed with it . Estimations of the damage put by the Russian pirates to legal owners in the USA, on - former considerably differ. As mister Simonov has explained, it is connected with a different technique of calculations. The Russian experts recognise that at lawful sale to authors $1 from each disk are due approximately. Their American colleagues multiply all shaft of shadow disks by store cost of the goods, and a result entirely write down to itself at a loss.

the CURRENT ACCOUNT the State wants to increase tax deductions In the State Duma the governmental bill of increase in social tax deductions on formation and treatment is introduced.

Now the size of each of such deductions is limited by the sum of 38 thousand rbl. annually which without changes is applied since 2004. The government suggests to establish since 2007 the limiting size of each of such social deductions at level of 50 thousand rbl. Also the bill brings also other amendments in the Tax code, connected with the decision of the individual questions which have arisen in the course of application of tax laws. With a view of stimulation of development of voluntary medical insurance it is offered to allow to consider at definition of a social deduction not only actual expenses of tax bearers on payment of the treatment, but also their payments to the insurance organisations under contracts of voluntary personal insurance with which payment of exclusively services by insurers on treatment of the insured physical persons is provided. Besides, amendments establish that in the list of objects, at building or which acquisition the property tax deduction, besides the apartment houses included in it is given, apartments or shares rooms join also. By the bill it is established that concerning the ground areas got in the property physical and legal bodies for housing construction, application of raising factors and tax calculation begin with the moment of state registration of the rights to these ground areas. In total the project of the federal law provides modification of five heads of the Tax code.

the CONSUMER`S BASKET will be engaged in the alcohol Account in FSB the Government of the Russian Federation has confirmed requirements to technical means of fixing and information transfer about volume of output and a turn of ethyl spirit in the Uniform state automated information system (EGAIS).

this system will contain the data on volume of output and a turn of ethyl spirit, alcoholic and spirtosoderzhashchej production. According to the decision, signed the prime minister - minister Michael Fradkov, software EGAIS Are created by the organisation subordinated to FSB of the Russian Federation, according to the technical projects confirmed by FSB of the Russian Federation and co-ordinated with Federal tax service and Federal customs service . According to the decision, with means for information transfer in EGAIS since July, 1st, 2006 the core industrial and kontrolno - the registration equipment at factories on alcohol manufacture should be equipped. In this connection the chief of department of the information and external relations FGUP Rosspirtprom Dmitry Dobrov has declared that since July, 1st many Russian spirit and likerovodochnye factories can stop. even if to start with the terms established by the government and to assume that the order of granting of software will be developed for the account equipment within a month on purchase, installation and, the most important thing, equipment debugging a lot of time " is required; - the representative " has noted; Rosspirtproma . Having informed that we will take all measures not to admit the next failure in branch work mister Dobrov has underlined that the probability of a stop is very high . By an estimation Rosspirtproma expenses of distilleries and joint-stock companies under control to it for input in a system of counters of measurement of concentration of volume of ethyl spirit in finished goods can make a minimum of 150 million rbl.

ANALYSIS of FLIGHTS Koryak earthquake patch money the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in an advancing order has listed to Koryak autonomous region the grant at a rate of 110 million rbl. and has granted the interest-free budgetary loan in 50 million rbl. on a covering of the expenses connected with liquidation of consequences of earthquake.

we Will remind that the first powerful earthquake by force 7,8 points has occurred in Koryak joint-stock company on April, 21st, then has been fixed three more tremors. Some settlements have suffered, situations in district the status of an emergency situation of federal level is appropriated, there will develop an emergency response centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. The dotatsionnye means directed by the Ministry of Finance, have no special-purpose designation and can be used under the decision of administration of district on the expenses connected with prime measures on liquidation of consequences of earthquake. The credit is intended for carrying out under abnormal condition - salvage operations, expansion and the maintenance of time points of residing and a food for the suffered citizens.
the heading is conducted by Dmitry POLONSKY