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Pishcheviki - inventors
                Despite a high competition, to the enterprises of food branch, seemingly, is not bad. On the Russian market new players, " come; old residents only endlessly expand the grocery rulers. Meanwhile the staff deficit problem any more behind mountains and here - here will capture the majority of food manufactures. Traditionally as the most demanded technologists here were considered, now them have joined a brand - managers, chief engineers and chiefs of manufactures.

Hi-tech employees the Food branch develops much faster other manufactures. The beginning to this process was put by the foreign enterprises of sector FMCG still in 90 - h when many of them have located in Moscow suburbs, have typed and have trained the personnel. Arrival of the new foreign companies as, however, and development domestic pishcheproma, threatens to turn back personnel deficiency. It is required to the new enterprises of more people, from - for considerable growth of volumes of output old residents also will be compelled to involve additional employees. But the companies of food branch always gave enough attention to personnel development. Rekrutery notice that now clients at them increases also orders for selection of experts for food manufactures very much.
Vladislav Sedlenek, the president of the company TRIZA EXCLUSIVE : the Food branch today - one of the most interesting and competitive, entirely works on daily consumption. Here huge volumes of production with the limited period of storage are made and realised, the expensive, hi-tech equipment is involved. After real estate and building it is the most capacious on financial investments the market. Last years the food branch endures appreciable lifting, the quantity of projects on personnel selection constantly grows in this area .
Ekaterina Gorokhov, the general director of international agency Kelly Services: Recently the list of our clients has considerably grown: on the Russian market new players come, there are new western manufactures. Obviously, this tendency will proceed in the nearest two - three years .
Ekaterina Jakimovich, the adviser for selection of the personnel of a direction Manufacture the personnel company the ANCHOR: Today the quantity of food manufactures in territory of Russia in absolute expression several times exceeds quantity of other industrial enterprises, the whole networks of factories across all Russia and the CIS " have a part of the companies;.
Constant growth of volumes of output leads to shortage of the most important people at the enterprise - technologists. Organoleptichesky properties of a made product - almost the most important factor, pledge of constant success at consumers. In the conditions of a rigid competition the main technologists are appreciated worth its weight in gold. Together with them experts in production quality assurance are claimed also. But manufacture - only half has put, the product should to be able be sold. Hence, for competent positioning of a product in the market will be claimed a brand - managers, direktory on marketing, sales representatives.
Ekaterina Gorokhov: Demand for experts in quality assurance of production and directors for quality remains stable. Demand for experts in a labour safety and ecology, chief engineers and managers on service of life-support systems of the enterprise, and also directors of factories has considerably grown. However it is impossible to tell that thus we experience difficulties by search of the experts set forth above. Deficiency as is not present that, we do not mark a lack of candidates .
Vladislav Sedlenek: Today practically all food enterprises have passed or pass through a stage of change of the proprietor, through internal reorganisation, structure modernisation, is frequent through rebrending production. At a new stage of development of the market are claimed all: we select for pishchevikov both technologists, and experts in the equipment and automation, both heads of commercial departments, and marketing experts .
According to experts from Agencies CONTACT approximately 80 - 90 % of all engaged employees are workers on manufacture and the personnel for work in a warehouse and on transportations. Operation of the modern equipment demands attraction of technical experts, engineers and the qualified worker of the personnel. The knowledge of a foreign language for work on the expensive equipment by which manufacture is equipped will be frequent for these positions an important condition.

difficult conditions According to poll of the largest enterprises of food branch which was spent by advisers Agencies CONTACT among positions which are required for food manufactures, there were such experts, as development - managers. The active requirement for such experts can be connected with a considerable quantity of new projects in the food companies. The interrogated experts also carry a brand to difficult positions - managers, directors for marketing and manufacture.
at many enterprises the main requirement to a brand - to the manager is formulated simply: experience of creation and advancement of a large national brand is necessary. At the same time knowledge and the experience, received by this person at advancement of tobacco and alcoholic production, often appears unsuitable for advancement of foodstuff.
the director for marketing - one more problem position. To find the person on this vacancy uneasy for a number of reasons, among which - full conformity to company requirements, understanding of specificity of a product and network roznitsy, formation assortimentnoj rulers, pricing, development of sales, experience of negotiating and management of collective. Experience a brand - the manager is desirable also.
search of the director in manufacture, according to HR - the directors interrogated by experts Agencies CONTACT it is often complicated by that for such candidate it is important to take place all way in concrete manufacture, for example maslozhirovom or sugar, it is good to know technology and to understand the equipment.
From outside can seem that pishcheviki happen unduly whimsical in the course of search of the necessary employee and often search ideal instead of the real candidate. However it not absolutely so: simply interchangeability of experts in this sphere is not welcomed, and attraction of experts from allied industries not always probably. However, there are exceptions. As has told HR - the director of the Moscow company for coffee manufacture, there long searched for the director for manufacture with experience in the same sphere. After two months searches have not crowned success and then in the company have invited the expert with 20 - the summer experience, but already from the brewing company.

salaries on start it is quite logical that level of salaries of scarce specialities or tjazhelozakryvaemyh positions gradually changes, but this growth is insignificant. Vladislav Sedlenek explains it so: Now the branch economy is stable enough, therefore the factor of growth of salaries is rather insignificant. The tendency ` however remains to buy ` unique experts (for example, technologists of rare specialisation), and in this case level of salaries is high enough, level with salaries of managers of the top echelon of the companies of any other specialisation .
According to Ekaterina Jakimovich, payment level for last year has changed slightly at the lowest personnel; as to management structure of the enterprises there salaries remained former. Expectations of employees meanwhile have a little grown.
the data under salaries (see the table) was commented by Yury Virovets, general director HeadHunter: Demand for experts grows in food manufacture. Nevertheless on some posts we can observe reduction of average values of salaries. For example, if in 2005 to the chief engineer $2 thousand paid on the average That in 2006 - m - only $1600. However it is connected not with the general reduction of salaries on branch, and that now much more the regional and small companies search for experts through the Internet, including with use of our resource. Their salaries, it is natural, more low, than in capital that also explains negative dynamics of salaries on some posts .

the Agiotage in the long term For the present the situation which has developed on a labour market, does not cause fears - demand for qualified personnel exists always, and about any agiotage while there is no speech. However, the situation can change radically. According to Vladislav Sedleneka, a global problem of the market that already now here twice is less than experts, than it is necessary. This situation has led to that invitations to work to Russia experts from Germany, Poland, Czechia often receive, Hungary, France, Latvia and Lithuania. They perfectly know the new equipment and high technologies and are capable to train the personnel. Such situation has already developed in baking and confectionery branches, rybopererabotke and the cooled products - Vladislav Sedlenek explains.
According to Ekaterina Jakimovich, deficiency of experts, undoubtedly, will increase that will entail the further decrease in requirements to the employed personnel, especially concerning knowledge of English language. Development of programs of training of the personnel at the enterprises will be other party of this process. Already now many of them aspire to involve students at early grade levels (1 - 2 course), the future experts invite to training or at once on an initial position in the company. According to Julia Malofeevoj, the head of the Center of elite preparation and assistance to employment of students and graduates of University of food manufactures, interest from outside both Russian, and the western companies is directed on technologists of bakery and confectionery manufacture, biotechnologists and engineers on certification and standardization. The level of salaries offered young experts, - from $500, and having behind shoulders even a work brief experience, it is possible to count on the salary from $800.

Level of salaries of the most demanded experts of food branch In the table given companies Headhunter on the basis of placed vacancies from the companies - employers are cited.