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War in passage
                One year ago the world has celebrated 60 - letie the Second World War terminations. To this date mints of many countries have let out the memorable series devoted to this event. The states participating in war, on - to a miscellaneous see events 40 - h years of the XX-th century. Here, for example, the English version of World War II - a series of coins of Gibraltar, left in 2004 - 2005.

                16 coins have entered Into a series kronovogo the size (28,8 g, Ni) on which the basic events of the Second World War (WWII) with what they see to the emitter are fixed. Each coin is decorated by a red enamel flower - a symbol 60 - letija the ends of war.
the authorities of Gibraltar not for the first time address in numismatics to subjects of that war. In 1993 a series " has been let out; Military ships WWII and in 1999 - the World during WWII . Each series consists of 12 coins kronovogo the size, and actual cost of a totality of nickel coins of one series exceeds $350 - 400, i.e. from calculation of $30 - 35 for a coin.
on coins of a new series have found reflexion known events of times of war, in particular battle of the British Air Forces and ljuftvaffe, become history as fight for Britain (1940); potoplenie British of a battle ship Bismarck (1941); the North African campaign of the British armies battling against grouping Rommelja (1942), - operation Torch and fight at the Ale - Alamejne.
However, not all episodes of the war which has been rapped out on coins of this series, at us are widely known. One of them, for example, operation Gunnerside. Scientists of the Third Reich, as it is known, developed atomic weapons. One of important infrastructural elements of the program German the punishment weapon there was a unique factory of the company Norsk - gidro on manufacture of heavy water in territory of Norway occupied by fascists. In 1943 English special services together with the Norwegian patriots managed to carry out the diversionary action on equipment explosion at this factory therefore the factory on half a year has been put out of action, and then it is crushed by allied aircraft. This operation thanks to which Hitler`s nuclear program has been suspended, and has received the name Gannersajd .
And here one more episode of the history which have found reflexion in this series, - harbours Malberri (1944). The Americans considering do not like to remember it that World War II has been won by the United States. It was the courageous British engineering idea - to mount two time mobile harbours in points of disembarkation American (harbour) and British (harbour) of armies in Normandy and to use them for unloading of warships before capture of stationary port. However, the American harbour has existed only two weeks and has been destroyed by a storm on June, 19th, 1944.
and here participation of Soviet Union in the Second World War, according to the Gibraltar emitters, was reduced to three episodes - to Kursk and Stalingradsky fights and falling of Berlin. However, such sight at history is not new - in two previous military releases of Gibraltar about the Great Patriotic War and was not mentioned at all. It is necessary to hope that to 70 - letiju terminations WWII the new generation of the Gibraltar historians will find out something brand new about participation of the USSR in a victory over Germany.
and now about the prices. As we repeatedly marked, military series use the raised demand in the market and, as a rule, instantly settle in collections. The today`s price is $35 - 40 for a coin ($560 - 640 for all series). And considering a world rise in prices for precious metals and nickel (the price on which from the beginning of year has grown on 50 %), it is not excluded that the actual price on them to the middle of year will raise to $45 - 50 for a coin.