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In Austria it is fixed 1 - j the case of the cow furiousness

was officially confirmed on December, 13th 1 - j a case of a spongy encephalopathy ( the cow furiousness ) In Austria.
about it as transfers RIA News have informed in Ministry of Health and social safety of Austria. However in the ministry have declared that beef consumers should not be afraid of that the cow furiousness will get on trading counters. Officials have assured the public that control over quality of meat in Austria - the best in Europe, but now it will be even more strengthened.

the tests spent to laboratories of the British city of Vejbridzh, have shown positive results on presence of a spongy encephalopathy at one of the Austrian cows. Results of analyses which are spent in parallel in clinic of the Bern university in Switzerland have not arrived yet. However identical results of test analyses of the Austrian and British doctors already allow to say that in Austria the case " is fixed; the cow furiousness .

Ill 6 - the summer cow is found out on a cattle-breeding farm in rural area Gmjund (a federal land the Bottom Austria). Animals on a farm ate from one trough . Therefore the decision on destruction of all herd is accepted.