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Syria has confirmed structure of the new cabinet

on December, 13th the president of Syria Bashar Asad has confirmed structure of the new government of the country.
the former government of Syria as reminds RIA News has retired on December, 11th. Then the president has charged office formation former the prime minister - to minister Mustafe Miro.
Mustafa Miro has been appointed to a post of premieres - the minister for the first time in March, 1999 still by the former president of the country Hafezom Asadom.

As a part of the new government - 33 ministers, on 3 persons are less, than in previous. 18 persons are appointed by ministers for the first time.
Have kept the posts key ministers - defences of Mustafa Tlas, foreign affairs of Faruk Sharaa which became now also vitse - the prime minister, and information of Adnan Umran. As a part of an office of 2 women: ministers of culture, and also work and social affairs.

according to local observers, informs RIA News The discontent with slow rates of carrying out of economic reforms in the country became a principal cause of rearrangement of an office. The structure of the new government confirms these assumptions: the economic block, including responsible for it vitse - a premiere is almost completely replaced.