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Plasido Domingo has temporarily choked on a scene

on December, 13th at party execution in Verdi`s opera Othello the gushed feelings have compelled to interrupt performance of Spanish tenor Plasido Domingo on a scene of Milan theatre a La Scala . After that doctors have forbidden the singer to leave to spectators.
as transfers ITAR - TASS, in 2 - the m the certificate of performance of Domingo has suddenly started to choke, has interrupted performance and, having apologised before spectators, has left for side scenes. The tenor has asked public to give it time to recover the breath minutes 30 then expected to continue an aria. However doctors 60 - the summer singer have forbidden it to appear again on a scene from - for considerable falling of arterial pressure.

matter is not in a voice, and in those emotions which are worried by any actor who is appearing on stage La Rocks - Plasido Domingo admitted. - under feeling Verdi`s music of 350 km at an o`clock " rush with a speed;.

on December, 7th, informs ITAR - TASS, Domingo has opened new, 224 - j a season at theatre a La Scala the same opera Othello . One week ago, when in a hall there were the president of Italy Karlo Adzelo Champi both all political and musical beau monde, the tenor has performed the part from beginning to end.