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Turks lose in volleyball as in a command there are not enough Russian

As it became known on December, 14th, upon termination of a match of League of champions the trainer Istambul Beledishi Nedim Ozbej has explained defeat of the command from the Moscow club MGTU - Luzniki that in its structure only 2 representatives of the Russian school of volleyball. Contenders of a Turkish command of those had 12 persons.
as transfers RIA News on a press - conferences after a match trainer Ozbej on behalf of a command has thanked owners for hearty welcome and the high organisation of a match. At the same time, he recognised that a victory of the Russian volleyball players quite zasluzhenna.

I am well familiar and with the trainer of Muscovites, and with its command that is why all of us have been perfectly informed on its possibilities, he has told. - first we looked shy and, committing errors on reception, have given 2 parties. But in the third have given battle to contenders and, I think, thereby have given pleasure to spectators - the Turkish trainer has told.

at you - 12 powerful, tall, equivalent players of your well-known school of the volleyball long since known all over the world. In we wash their order there were all two, - has added Ozbej, addressing to the instructor MGTU - Luzniki to Yury Nechushkinu. About your huge authority on Turkey says that fact that in last season in Turkish clubs 6 head coaches from Russia worked and 54 players acted. We are very interested in an establishment of mutually advantageous cooperation with MGTU - Luzniki which can be expressed and in joint trainings, and in training of experts, and in carrying out of gathering .

Addressing to journalists, the trainer of Turkish club has informed that it is well familiar with Nechushkinym. Many long years we met Yury on a platform as players, now we compete as trainers, - he admitted. - and it all time wins against me .
Yury Nechushkin has been satisfied by how have played the first 2 - h parties its volleyball players. However in the third, according to the head coach, they too have early believed in a victory and, thanks to good game of visitors, had many problems. children have played all for 50 percent of that, on what they are capable, - he recognised. - the command has appeared insufficiently collected, errors on the block have gone, - and the party was tightened .
Who knows, Turks be more successful, we quite could the third set and lose, - Nechushkin has added. - However all for us has ended safely .

the Following match of League of champions MGTU - Luzniki will spend against French Round VB on December, 18th in 19. 00 Moscow time in capital it is universal - a gym Friendship Luzniki .