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The secretary general of the United Nations asks Israelis and Palestinians to agree

the new appeal of the secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan made it the day before on December, 14th became known. The higher manager of the United Nations asks the authorities of Israel and Palestinian national administration to renew negotiating process.

as transfers RIA News in the statement concerning a sharp aggravation of a situation in the Near East Kofi Annan has expressed deep concern also has urged the parties to undertake necessary steps on the termination of confrontation and returning for a negotiating table.

simultaneously the Secretary general of the United Nations has addressed with an appeal to Yasser Arafat to undertake resolute actions concerning guilty of terrifying acts of terror also named inadmissible murder of civilians practised by both parties of the conflict.

Kofi Annan has presented condolences to families of victims last days and has noticed that, though Recent events have aggravated a damage put to trust of the parties to each other, the world and safety for both from them can be reached only by negotiations about settlement of an existing situation .