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The police of Delhi knew about a preparing attack on parliament

on December, 14th newspaper Times of India has informed that the higher police ranks of Delhi have been warned about possible terrorist attack to parliament. On it the newspaper was informed by the commissioner of police of Bombay M.N.Singh who called time and again the Delhi colleagues to strengthen security measures round a parliamentary complex .
In the fears the commissioner leant against indications of the member of the international terrorist organisation arrested on December, 3rd, 2001 in Bombay Al - Kaida Mohammed Afroza. During interrogations that admitted that there are some groups of insurgents - condemned men for realisation of acts of terrorism in Delhi, London, Melbourn and other cities. In Delhi the object for a sortie had been selected a parliament building.

Mohammed Afroz also has informed that a Delhi command it is connected with Islamic grouping operating in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir Lashkar - e - Tajba which extremists in January, 2001 have organised an attack on a historical Red fort in the centre of Delhi and have killed 3 persons.