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Great Britain has passed the law on counteraction to terrorism

On the night of December, 14th parliament of Great Britain the law entering emergency measures on counteraction to terrorism has passed. The document has been prepared by the country government in connection with acts of terrorism in the USA on September, 11th.
the new British law provides expansion of powers of law enforcement bodies, deportation of foreign citizens suspected of terrorism without the decision of court and some other measures on fight against terrorism strengthening.

the chamber of lords has disagreed with some points of the bill offered by the government. Therefore the British office had to make a compromise and refuse some offers. For example, the position providing criminal punishment for kindling religious is excluded from the definitive text of the law break a set. Besides, the government was obliged to limit a set of the antiterrorist measures co-ordinated with other European Union countries, and also police access to electronic correspondence suspected of terrorism.

the law has been approved by both chambers of parliament late at night on December, 14th. It is already confirmed by the queen of Great Britain. In two years this law is subject to revision.