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Raduev in last word of the accused has told to court thanks

on December, 14th on proceeding litigation in Makhachkala on the case of gangster attack to Kizlyar with last word the accused acted. The main defendant Salman Raduev in the speech has expressed gratitude to court for objectivity.
except gratitude to court, Salman Raduev has informed that was it is pleasantly surprised by a speech for the prosecution of the general public prosecutor of Russia Vladimir Ustinova . Then the main defendant has passed to concrete point of charge on station explosion in Pyatigorsk, without concerning other episodes of business. Salman Raduev has paid attention again of court that the order on fulfilment of act of terrorism in Pyatigorsk has been given by Vahoj Dzhafarovym, and it has to it no any relation. Salman Raduev a poetic line has finished the performance.

Then before court with last word Turpalali Atgeriev who in the speech has rejected all charges has acted and has not pled guilty. In the end the defendant has quoted head of the Koran.

the third defendant Hussein Gajsumov, referring to the early age, has asked to consider court that circumstance that it on the early childhood poorly understood a political situation in the country and only executed orders of the senior companions.

judicial session will proceed on December, 18th on which last word of one more defendant Aslanbeka Alhazurova will be heard.